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Mr. O'Neill,
As you are perhaps aware, many (most?) faculty in the UofC Econ Dept. "retreat from ideas" of, for example, Keynsians (to say nothing of Marxists!) This is a far cry from the days of Hyman Minsky, who wrote that when he was an undergraduate “the Department had room for radicals like Lange, liberals like Douglas, middle of the roaders like Viner as well as the beginnings of a
conservative group in Knight, Simons, and Mint. … Any department which ran the spectrum from Knight to Lange had to be intellectually open.” (Minsky, “Beginnings,” PSL Quarterly Review vol. 62 (2009), 191-203).
Thus, today, faculty in Econ conveniently create "safe spaces" for
Another change that you may have missed: the UofC abolished its swimming test requirement in 2012 (effective with the Class of 2016).
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