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C Bret Campbell
Father, Believer, Musician, Studio Geek
Father, Believer, Musician, Studio Geek

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The leviathan of the sky does land In America's green and pleasant Land, Its cargo is more precious than gold The body of a hero, bold, Once the giant engines stopped The cargo ramp is gently dropped Carried by six on shoulders true The hero is saluted by the crew. The coffin draped in a liberty free, Is slowly carried out the back. Out of the dark and into light Slowly down the ramp and to the right. The six approach the hearse all black And place the hero gently in the back, The six then turn and march away Their duty has been done this day. Politicians usually have much to say No sign of them near here today They hide away and out of danger, Much easier if the hero is a stranger. The hearse with its precious load Moves slowly out onto the road The floral tributes line the route While comrades snap a smart salute. At the edge of a Shepherd's town The cortege slows its pace right down. The streets are packed, many deep Some throw flowers, most just weep. The crowd have come to say farewell. The church bell rings a low death knell Regimental standards are lowered down. As the hero passes through the town The cortege stops and silence reigns, The townsfolk feel the family’s pain. The nations flag lowered to half mast, Our brave hero is home at last

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Really Really glad +Kimberely Grant introduced me to +NOCONA BAND !!! These cats flat Rock
Interview with Nocona - Toothless Junkie

Man I dig these cats! I’ve been going on about them for a few years and one of my favorite shirts is the one they gave me at Bonnaroo a few years ago, even though I spilled bleech on it, I still sport it proud! We’ve run a couple interviews with Chris and…

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I am really not a fan of doing these strictly commercial posts. However in this case...with our quick and emergency move to Kansas City I need a lot of help rebuilding my music teaching practice.

Here is a great deal for Labor Day weekend...if you know anybody in the Independence/Kansas city area who might be interested in studying please point them to this offer and my website..

Thank you so much

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Greg Russell on Transformers 3 pre-dubbing -"Love the Harrison MPC-4D"

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Catch Prichard - Eskota - with Interview

If you’ve ever spent the night in one of those West Texas ghost town areas, you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say Catch Prichard’s new record, “Eskota,” will have you keeping one eye open, just in case… It’s haunted. No, I didn’t say, “these are…

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The time is now.

Check out the brand new country rock song “Whiskey" released worldwide right now!

Whiskey is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages. Is it any wonder that I decided to write a song about it? By now, my fans have surely seen me attack a wide variety of genres and styles along with a rare blend of topics and themes. I don’t think song lyrics are should be limited to the common cliches like love that most songwriters choose.

I’ve written so many songs yet I still purposefully pick things no one else dares to write about like a child's mind, surgery, veterans, cheating, bubbles, a sunny day and now, even whiskey. In "Whiskey”, I picked an unusual topic but tried to use words throughout the song that paint a vivid story but I wanted it to be relatable. I wanted you to be left wondering if the story is about a girl or about a shot of bourbon whiskey. The song can of course be interpreted both ways and the listener can pick either glass to enjoy.


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An extremely special music video for Sum Of Us from the Super EP is going up on Wednesday :D

Eep! Here's a teaser:

The video was filmed and edited by the incredible Linda Hoang ( and it came out so well!!

You can preview the video in full a day before anyone else by signing up to Meri Amber Mail (I'll be sending out a preview tomorrow to the cool cats on the list):

Can't wait to show you!!

#SuperEP #musicvideo #teaser
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