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I was so happy and excited when I heard that they were going to come out with the Darkwing duck comic book!!
I was really happy when barnes and nobles called me and said that my book had come in, as soon as I bought it I immediatly began reading it.

This comic book has various adventures that the masked mallard Darkwing Duck  goes through in his never ending quest to protect his city of St.Canard and it's citizens along with his duaghter Gosalyn and his best pal Luanchpad.

The book itself is filled with colorful illistrations, awesome fight scenes and witty and funny dialog. A couple of times I luaghed out loud at the things that that the characters said or did.

Other than comedy this book also has some serious moments in it and that made the series more enjoyable. 

Any and all Darkwing Duck fan will surely enjoy this book.
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