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New beginnings. 

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Modern work place. 

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The hypotenuse of SE 11th AVE, SE Ash ST & SE Sandy Blvd

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Aaron Johnson commented on a post on Blogger.
Very interesting. I would like to know where I can learn more and discuss quantitative predictive chemistry simulations. 

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Any have a good map location to share?

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Portland Amateur Radio Club monthly meeting  


The March program is on Radio Direction Finding (RDF).  Commonly
known as Transmitter Hunting or Bunny Hunting, this involves
locating radio transmitters.  The same principles apply for
finding ELT beacons in downed aircraft, sources of interference,
for fun or as a competitive sport.

While many transmitter hunts involve vehicles driving around the
city, there are also international competitions that use RDF
along with a map and compass on foot to find multiple
transmitters hidden in a large forest, sort of a combination of
radio, geocaching and orienteering.  While the international
courses can require good physical condition, it also makes a good
leisurely activity for the whole family, and a ham license is not
required to participate.

Dale Hunt WB6BYU is an enthusiastic local proponent of RDF in
various forms, as well as being an internationally known known
competitor and Captain of the US team at World Championship
events.  He will share the excitement of transmitter hunting as
well as discussing techniques, equipment and applications.

Plan to attend the March meeting to earn more about this
international Ham Radio activity.

The meeting is in the Lower Level Auditorium at One Liberty Centre. 
650 NE Holladay Street Portland, near Lloyd Center.
Friday, March 27th, 2015 at 7:30PM
The program will begin at 7:40 PM.
The entrance to One Liberty Centre is on the south (courtyard) side of the building (opposite the Holladay St light rail line). 
Press the intercom button on the column to the left of the main entry doors for access. Security will buzz you in. Sign in with Security, and then take the elevator to the Lower Level (LL). We meet in the Auditorium. 
All are invited and welcome. Info at  
Portland Amateur Radio Club
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