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CAROL PARKER - Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agent
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GET YOUR HOUSE SOLD in 3 simple steps

1. Choose the right Real Estate Professional - I will provide you with a market analysis at no cost.
2. Improve the marketability of your home with a home protection plan at no cost to you* - A Coldwell Banker Home Protection Plan, administered by American Home Shield, may heighten buyer confidence, help reduce post-sale issues and can help protect your budget from the expense of unexpected breakdowns of covered home system components and appliances.
3. Call me today if you are thinking of buying or selling a home. I will help you negotiate the sale or purchase of your home.

*If you list or buy your home with me, I will provide to you a Coldwell Banker Home Protection Plan at the close of the sale. Contact me for complete details.

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LOOKING FOR A REAL REALTOR? I am not flashy, charismatic, or fly-by-night. I am not a 'sign here and you will never see or hear from me again until the listing expires' real estate agent. If you want an honest, persistent, experienced, get-the-job-done, fulltime REALTOR, I'm the real estate agent you are looking for. Contact me at or 801-610-6737 (Skype) or 808-277-6510 (cell or text).

A lot of single women dream of becoming a homeowner. Recently nearly 21 percent of home purchased were made by single women. Can you become a homeowner? Have you been employed in the same job, or industry for more than 2 years? Have you a good credit rating? Are you looking for a stabile investment over a period of time? Home ownership can provide you many benefits that renting cannot.
Contact me, Carol Parker, Realtor, if you are interested in learning more about how home ownership can become part of your road to financial success. I look forward to hearing from you. Carol Parker, Realtor., 801-610-6737 (Skype) or 808-277-6510 (cell).

Nationally, single women accounted for 19 percent of all home purchases in 2015, according to the National Association of Realtors.
1. Single women thinking of buying a home should think of in terms of a long term investment, one that you can afford to pay off, maintain and live in over a long period of time. One that you can use as a rental property later on, or a low-cost place to live in retirement.
2. Don’t get talked into taking a larger mortgage than you can really afford. Lenders may approve you for up to one-third (or more) of your gross income – but will that leave you enough to cover home ownership expenses like property taxes, insurance, maintenance, etc. And will you have enough for your other expenses like food, car, credit card payments, retirement plan, and some fun with friends and family.
3. Always shop around for financing. Educate yourself on the process. Make sure you know what you are getting into. Find a knowledgeable friend who can walk through the process with you. Make sure you know all your options. And if you doubt the lender or the mortgage officer is giving you accurate information – find another lender who you do feel comfortable with. Do your homework – this is your money and your homeownership.
4. When you do find your home get an inspection and then concessions from sellers upfront to fix any imminent problem an inspection turns up. If they won’t do repairs, don’t purchase the home. You can expect to pay up to 3% of the home’s value on repairs if the seller doesn’t fix them prior to closing. Ask for the seller to provide a 2 yr warranty with a reputable home warranty company that will cover repairs on appliances and major systems. Or purchase one yourself.
Contact Carol Parker, Realtor, for help in buying your home. 801-610-6737 or

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CAROL PARKER - Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agent. Experienced, honest, client oriented real estate agent with knowledge of Utah, Hawaii, Georgia, Arizona & California markets. Contact me for a free sellers’ market analysis or buyers pre-qualification. You can contact me at 801-610-6737 or

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March, 2016
CAROL PARKER'S Tips for Homebuyers in a Hot Seller's Market 

This may be a really good time to be in the housing market - if you are a seller, that is. There just aren't enough homes on the market, so if you are selling right now, you may find yourself in a more favorable position. Multiple offers and bids over list price for some properties aren't unusual these days. 

But what if you're a buyer - one of many out there in the trenches looking right now? With lots of competition from other buyers, how do you "survive" the house-hunting wars and, hopefully, land that home you're after? While there are no guaranteed ways to succeed, here are a number of tips to help increase your chances of getting into a home of your own before long: 

• Work with a real estate professional. There's a myth among some novice homebuyers that it's only the sellers who need a real estate professional. But that couldn't be further from the truth, especially in a seller's market. Having someone who knows the local market well, has experience in evaluating homes, knows how to successfully negotiate, and will be your advocate through the entire process from start to finish, is important. Take the time to interview several real estate professionals so that you can select the person that you believe is the most qualified to help you through the home buying process.
• Get prequalified for a mortgage. Getting prequalified lets you know how much home you can afford and it also shows sellers that you're a serious buyer who is much more likely to be able to close escrow.
• Do your research. Although your real estate professional will provide lots of help in your home search, it's important to do a little homework on your own up front. It will help the home-buying process if you know which areas you'd like to live in, what you can realistically afford, the type and size of home you're after, the features you'd like, etc. Nearly all buyers start their search online, and a great place to begin is
• Be prepared to compromise. Everyone wants that big, gorgeous home in the best neighborhood but you may have to compromise a bit - especially when the market is competitive. This doesn't mean settling for a home you dislike; it just means going after homes with the features that you really need rather than what you simply want. For example, if your preference is to be in a community with great schools you might take a smaller home, or perhaps one without a pool or a formal living room. Or you might decide to commute a little longer to work so as to find the right house at the right price.
• Make a strong offer. Work with your real estate professional to put together a strong offer for the home you're after. You may also want to work with the seller on closing date and contingencies. Sellers often have their own preferences regarding when to close and if you're flexible that may help put you in a better position as a buyer.
• Don't wait too long. In a competitive real estate market, time is of the essence. If you spend too long making an offer on a home you like, it can give another buyer a chance to come in first with a strong offer. Sellers are usually motivated and want to act as quickly as possible. So when you find the right property, don't waste time.
• Connect with the seller. If two offers are close, it may help your chances to try to personally connect with the seller. We're not talking about becoming their BFF. Consider writing a sincere letter explaining how much you love their home including your hopes and dreams about living there one day - holiday gatherings, cooking meals together in the kitchen, or having barbecues in the yard with friends. Anything that helps personalize you and your offer may make a difference.
Although a seller's market can be challenging for homebuyers, there are still opportunities out there for qualified buyers. I'd love to help you get into your next home. I'm ready to answer any of your questions about either buying or selling a home in our beautiful community. Please give me a call 801.610.6737 or email me and we'll get started today.  
Carol Parker, Realtor
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage 
801.434.5100 / 801.610.6737    

CAROL PARKER - Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agent. Experienced, honest, client oriented real estate agent with knowledge of Utah, Hawaii, Georgia, Arizona & California markets. Contact me for a free sellers’ market analysis or buyers pre-qualification. You can contact me at 801-610-6737 or

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Something like this would definitely make me incredibly happy!!  Know of anyone who wants to get rid of one?
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