One wonders what will happen to the G+ comments to Googleblog
You'd think after the GPlus-YouTube #Anschluss, someone might have learned. Apparently not.

So, this one's for the record. Yeah, Googleblog me.

Apparently, linking to or re-sharing Googleblog (and Krell knows what other content) incorporates G+ posts, and comments, as Google Blog "responses". Gotta drive up those KPIs, right?

No indication, no notice, no warning, no nuttin'.[1]

Screencaps, link, and archive noted.

Mind: I'm aware that there's public and private, and that somewhere in a stack of TOUs tha reach from here to Altair IV,[2] I've perhaps nominally assented to various forms of content redistribution.

But, that's actually kind of the point. Privacy goes well beyond what is technically possible, or even what's legally defensible, to what the subject's
wishes and preferences are.

That's right, it's about motherfucking respect, motherfuckers.[3]

Because privacy goes beyond what's technically, or legally, possible. It is fundamentally a matter of respect: of respecting intentions, expectations, and preferences.[4]

It's also about those annoying things like brand, and goodwill, and not pissing of Margarethe[5] or Ron[5], or the odd Space Alien Cat.[6]

And I realise that working for the world's largest purveyor of fine lies (advertising, defined), who sold liberal democracy down the river, and who've been professionally creeping the fuck out of people since 1997, respect is a bit of a foreign concept.

But a cat's gotta have hope, or what else is there?


1. Y.T. excepted, but then I'm always nuttin. Nutters. Whatevs.

2. The discerning reader will note that as I am on Altair IV, that's a short stack. For you oh my dearest and beloved, the pile reaches back to Earth. Oh, and buttermilk, Grade B Vermont maple syrup, and grass-fed unsalted butter.

3. Show none, get none. Capiche?

And yeah, I've been bangin' on this drum a long time. My arms are tired.

4. Her mug graces every dartboard at the 'Plex, with the right VR tweak. But if you're a normal (soul-endowed) human, I mean this BAMF:

5. The other tweak. BAMF2:

6. We're all odd by spec, though you can apply SAC++ should you find an even one.

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