G+MM are officially recommending the Friends+Me Google+ Exporter.

Friends+Me Google+ Exporter exists, works, is easy to use, is under active development, and the developer has been phenomenally responsive. All of this in direct contrast to Google's own Data Takeout.

This is especially the case for migrating G+ content to a new site. Wordpress and Blogger are directly supported, a usable JSON extract is also possible for other platforms.

The free product will export up to 800 posts per channel, the $20 license buys you all you can eat. The application runs locally, using your Chrome / Chromium browser, and no account data are sent off-site, other than to authenticate to Google, according to the developer.

The F+MGE will archive text content, photographs, and Communities (by any member), the last is not possible with Google Data Takeout. And there are more features under development which will be available to current users for incremental archive updates as the product is further improved.

Friends+Me has served Google+ users for years, and the endorsements received from people we know and trust play a strong role in our endorsement.

To be clear: we've had no consideration from Friends+Me or developer +Alois Bělaška other than a phenomenal and badly-needed tool, excellent support, and copious information freely provided. We thank him wholeheartedly for all this.

Download: https://gplus-exporter.friendsplus.me/
About: https://medium.com/google-plus-exporter/how-to-download-images-7dc321b6f179
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