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You can find all your Space Alien Cat Needs served at:

Email: dredmorbius <at> protonmail <dot> com
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Sites I will not use

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I am not:

"dredmorbius" on Twitter
"dredmorbius" at ZeroHedge
Anything on Facebook.

Organising the Exodus on G+

See the following communities:

Google+ Mass Migration: Large, AMAs, general discussion & info, noisy.

The Beginning is Near: Smaller, focused, planning & strategy group.

Wiki: #PlexodusWiki is a general-information resource: planning, processes, alternatives, directories, and more:

Reddit: #PlexodusSubreddit
For now, an off-site touchpoint.

10 December 2018 update: Google have advanced the Sunset by four months.

I'm going to be accelerating my discontinuation of G+ as a consequence. Expect to see principally Plexodus-related content here, and little else.

More to follow.

Last updated 10 December 2018

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Request your Lace Card now
Google's Datacenters on Punch Cards

There are several discussions going on about Google Data Takeout, and of the total demand this puts on Google. Data are not readily available, though we've got a few broad outlines.

xkcd's Randall Munroe tried to pin down Google's total data archive about six years ago, in 2013, and came up with about 10 exabytes of disk-equivalent storage, and likely another 5 EB of tape. The doubling rate is roughly every 2 years, so that's probably somewhere in the ballpark of 80 EB and 40 EB now, using very rough numbers.

In ballparking total Google+ data storage, I'm relying again on Stone Temple Consulting's March 2015 public user activity estimates (based on my own earlier estimates, and methodology), which suggest a core of about 50,000 highly active users, and another 1-30 million or so who are occasionally active. If the average of 50 million users has 100 MB of G+ data, that's about 5 petabytes of data, and I suspect the total is smaller, perhaps 10x so. But we're likely looking at 0.5 - 5 PB, or on the order of, in my estimate.

Enough that automating an initial archival on behalf of users, to reside for 12 months after G+ sunset, could be quite reasonable.

Though not delivered as punch cards.

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A positive review of the Friends+Me Google+ data export utility

Please note: This tool can export either public or private Google+ Communities. There is no other I'm aware of with similar capabilities.
After some initial skepticism, I finally tried this tool - and - I am sold.

This tool can export in a well documented JSON format, as well as in WordPress eXtended RSS (WXR=XML). It can grab your profile posts, pages, collections, and communities, both posts and comments.

If you have a WordPress site, you can directly import all your G+ posts from the latter. Note that the export tool does not download the images, but the WP importer can do that for you.

The following appears to not be included
- +1's
but those are hardly relevant after you migrate content.

So - if you want to grab your G+ content, don't waste your time on Google Takeout, as that is a total mess. This is hands down the best G+ export tool I've tried so far.

Json Format:


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IMPORTANT - Need To Set Up An AMA Here with The Head Of OpenBook

Ok. I’ve been promoting the OpenBook project here a lot as a probable new home for those of us here on Google+

I have been talking to with Joel Hernández, the founder of OpenBook and he had agreed to do an AMA here on Google+ to answer our questions and provide some insights into OpenBook and how it could be our new home.

Here’s what I need: a number of us have started communities to address the exodus and I’d like to have people suggest one to host this or how we can best set it up.

I want to do this quickly so PLEASE respond, mention folks that might be able to help or make suggestions because I want this to be available easily to all of us and soon.

Please send people my way and help me get this going

Feel free to comment or message me directly but as I said, I want to get this rolling soon.


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The Plexodus is Two Months Old

And it's just been shortened by twice that: Google have chopped four months off the schedule, rather than 8 months remaining, we have slightly under 5.

I'd been planning on a rather different update report, that all changed a few minutes ago when I saw Google's latest (and only substantive) update on the G+ sunset moving the sunset date up four months from August to April 2019.

So rather than give a rundown of what's what, here's what you should be doing now.

We've updated the suggested migration schedule:

Oct 2018 - Dec 2018: Coordination, planning, and exploring alternatives.
Jan 2019 - Feb 2019: Execution.
Mar 2019 - Apr 2019: Re-establishing community.
May 2019 - ∞: Assessment of migration, rebuilding and expanding.

First: Wrap up your preliminary planning and exploration within the next week or so. What you know now is all you will know.

Plan on migrating in January - February 2019. The earlier the better.

Pick a migration platform which exists, and is stable, now. Not something still in development. This means that options such as Openbook and Solid are strongly discouraged as primary destinations. They simply won't be ready in time.

A simple tried-and-true solution is probably best for now. I've been recommending especially for G+ Communities creating a mailing list, Groups (on Yahoo or Google), or a subreddit. Two of these are likely better than any one. Keep in mind that mailing lists give you direct access to membership lists, Reddit does not. These don't have to be your final destination, but should be your current destination, of you've not otherwise selected one.

There is a Plexodus subreddit. It's been a fairly quiet mirror of many of the articles posted to G+MM and some original content. Please consider joining this for continued updates.

Generate a Google+ Data Takeout NOW. The process is broken and complicated and the archives are large. I really wish we had something better, or that Google were communicating on tools, methods, and storage. They're not. If you are planning on keeping or think you might want to keep Google+ content, save it NOW.

This link will pre-select all your G+ data sources:,circles,stream,plus_one,profile

Use the down-caret to select JSON format for Circles and Stream data.

I don't know anything more than what Google have publicly announced, and that's far less than I'd hoped they'd provide. Information is as accurate as possible but may contain errors, check comments and updates for any corrections.

The one-month status report:
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