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Oh hey car drivers, I'm posting this again because I think you mathematically challenged fuckwits missed the point the first 5 times I've posted this amazing interactive graphic regarding US energy. See where it says: Petroleum 35 quadrillion (yeah) Btus? Then go over to the Lost Energy, and do you see that Petroleum accounts for nearly half the Lost Energy? Do you fucking get it? You fucking oblivious pieces of car crippled shitbags are farting waste heat out of your goddamn exhaust pipes just to move your bodies. Pretty fucking STUPID!! Thanks for climate change assfucks!
Mathias Döpfner: "Why we fear Google" -- A German publisher's open letter

Mathias Döpfner, CEO of Axel Springer SE[1] , a German multimedia publishing company, writes an open letter to Google chairman +Eric Schmidt. The two companies are business partners ... but the relationship is complicated (aren't they all?). He is responding to Schmidt's earlier "A Chance for Growth".

It's also not at all surprising that this is coming out of Germany, a nation with several unpleasant experiences with total data, from both its Nazi and Stasi past.

Some highlights:

_"We are afraid of Google. I must state this very clearly and frankly, because few of my colleagues dare do so publicly...."

Continued at the dreddit:

#google   #privacy   #surveillancestate   #competition   #monopoly   #regulation   #EricSchmidt  
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US Navy electricity-to-fuel synthesis -- cutting through the bullshit: papers, press release, and analysis

There's been a fair bit of buzz about an ongoing research project by the US Navy Research Laboratory to synthesize fuel suitable for both aviation and conventional ships using seawater and electricity. Few of these articles have contained much in the way of solid data or references to the source, and the reportage in general has been far south of awful. Thanks to /u/reallybloodylongname posting in /r/energy: "Seawater powered planes? US navy creates synfuel from ocean? Get the real story straight from the horses mouth at the Naval Research Center" we have the source, and I've managed to answer a number of specific technical questions about this research...

More at the dreddit:

#energy #synfuels #fischertropsch #navy #research
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+Julian Bond: seawater has concentrations of CO2 in excess of 140x by volume of the atmosphere, and extraction appears far easier (e.g., less energy intensive).

+John Poteet: current draw doesn't directly give you power, you need both amps and volts for that.  If you're interested in energy, talk energy.  The current xkcd "What If" has a mention of generating capacity:  pressure x flow rate.

I'll see if I can't track some pumping stats from the California Aqueduct.
A rudimentary G+ post content extractor (JSON format)

Following the YouTube Anschluss in which Google forcibly integrated G+ and YouTube accounts (among other properties), against my express wishes, pretty much forever violating my trust in the company, I made the conscious decision to largely exit G+, removing my content, while archiving what I'd previously posted.

Pulling useful information out of those archives has been ... interesting....

Continued at the dreddit:

#googleplustips   #archives   #json   #pandoc   #shellscripts   #linuxhacks  
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"Creativity is not a Team Sport": Improvides interviews Prof Vincent Walsh on neuroscience of creativity

A 20-minute video interview on the topic of creativity:  "Prof Vincent Walsh on neuroscience of creativity:"

The title quote comes about 12 minutes in, discussing brainstorming and what a poor tool it is for creativity and coming up with solutions:

"[There's] a very long and well-established literature in psychology that getting groups of people together is no way to come up with ideas.   Creativity is not a team sport.  What you're looking for is somebody's individual, intellectual trunk to make new connections and come up with something new...."  

Continued at the dreddit:

#creativity #problemsolving #productivity #neuroscience #collapse
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Have them in circles
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Thomas Piketty is, as Bloomberg's Jonathan Weil says, everywhere. Published four months ago in French, the English translation has just been released.

I've only started catching up with the phenom, so a few links and as few uninformed words as possible on The Book I Haven't Read.

Piketty's Wikipedia bio gives us some basics: born in 1971 (making him 42 ... and what have you accomplished with your life?), French, an economist specializing in economic inequality. Director of studies at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS), is now the Associate Chair at the Paris School of Economics. He's taught at MIT.

And author is of Capital in the Twenty-First Century...

Continued at the dreddit:

#Piketty #economics #affluence   #inequality  
Adam Smith on living wage, national wealth, growth, and decline

I've previously quoted Smith on wages, in the context of why allowing below-subsistence pay is effectively a welfare subsidy to businesses which are either otherwise non-competitive or which can extract profit due to their political leverage.

He has a number of additional words (as he typically does) on the subject which are quite revealing on the nature of national economic vitality, size, and decline. Recall that Smith was published in 1776. His words remain highly relevant.

I've found particularly interesting Adam Smith's own commentary on what a minimum wage ought to be in Wealth of Nations, a book as +David Brin   has been saying for quite some time far more liberals, and conservatives, should actually read. Everyone else as well....

Continued at the dreddit:

#economics #livingwage #minimumwage   #adamsmith   #wealthofnations

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I am not now, nor have I ever been, a fan of systemd

Pretty much for reasons such as this.  You don't fuck cavalierly with PID 1.
For those who believe the systemd developers are reasonable and will listen to constructive criticism.....
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Michael & Joyce Heusemann: Techno-Fix: Why Technology Won't Save Us or the Environment (book/video)

This is a lecture by +Dr. Michael Huesemann based on the book he co-authored with his wife Joyce Huesemann, Techno-Fix: Why Technology Won't Save Us or the Environment.

Huesemann addresses three questions:

1. Can technology solve major environmental and social problems? What are the limitations of tech?
2. Why do most people believe in technological progress and uncritically accept any technology?
3. Are there simple and effective low-tech solutions, and what can we do?

His answers defy much of the conventional wisdom surrounding technology.

Continued at the dreddit:

#technology   #sustainability   #progress   #environment   #optimism   #bias   #efficiency  
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When I say "no-brainer", I mean that it's kind of trivially obvious.

In other words: I think I'm basically agreeing with the conclusions you enumerate, and yet I don't see support for the pessimism implied by the ToC.

"Those who claim that technology offers the opportunity for growth without limits are in fact arguing that there are no ultimate costs to technology."

Arguing for growth without limits -- unless you're specifically allowing for expansion beyond the earth -- is, again, obviously wrong.

Edward Morbius

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Just sayin':  I said this before and I say it again now.
Dear Googles:  No, I don't want to provide yet more personal content on your properties.  Stop asking me

Just popped open a YouTube link.  Got an interstitial (NEVER NEVER NEVER put an interstitial for something that isn't Earth-level-extinction important) requesting my real name.


A fucking thousand times NO.


Stop carrying the NSA's water.

Just give me my goddamned cat videos or whatever and get out of my face.

Sigh.  Yet another reason to prefer youtube-dl.

That is all.

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The problem with that approach, and where Google finally utterly lost me, was when it went to the pain of combining two separate accounts that I'd repeatedly and unambiguously stated I DID NOT WANT COMBINED.

At that point it's trust and respect lost.

So, yeah, I'm unwinding here (I'm into June/July for deletions, though I'm leaving some content for a final pass through).

I'm also making a point of deleting the content I add here after a few weeks.

Nuking my comments is far more tedious, but ironically, as stuff comes up in notifications (actions on posts I've commented on or on my own comments), I'll nuke them.  I'll miss some of it, sure, but the bulk of it's like a Tibetan sand painting:  ephemeral.
Technological Archaeologist
I'm am leaving G+ following the YouTube Anschluss, November 2013.

Google have time and again violated several key principles:

Respect.  Of my time, my attention, my expressly stated desires, and most of all, my intelligence by repeating these and other insults time and again.

Trust. I will share very limited slices of me online.  Time and again Google reached for more, and time and again I had to push back.  This last violation (which, had I not already gone fully pseudonymous would have fully outed me as it did others) was one step too far.  I extend trust once, not twice.

Privacy.  This is the immediate concern here, and I've tried to create a walled space within which I can act.  I no longer feel safe to act there.
This incident again has made painfully clear that Google don't understand the fundamental nature of privacy, of social norms, and of spaces.  Of the desire for individuals to keep different aspects of their life and online activity, even within a single pseudonymous identity, separate.  Yes, there are some smart people at the Plex, but socially, you're collectively beyond retarded.  And I no longer care.

I'm actively looking for alternative platforms to use.  
For the time being I'm retaining the Gmail account associated with this ID ( though I'll be migrating that as well (and am accepting recommendations).  Correspondents are strongly encouraged to use my GPG key:  74CCF7CD

I may be found:

Blogging on DreamWidth:

As "dredmoribus" on Reddit:  I've also created a "personal subreddit" which is a collecting spot for ephemera:

On the subreddit Dr. Edward Morbius's lair of the Id just created.  it's a bit of a crash pad for now.

All of which is subject to change, of course (though Reddit's likely to be a good contact).

RSS/Atom feeds for the above are:
Feel free to drop those in your newsreader of choice.  It's a bit clunky, but notably less so than G+ itself is.

I do plan on leaving a tombstone account on G+ with forwarding information and last details, though I'll be removing most or all of my content eventually.

G+ was to an extent an experiment to see if I could participate on terms I was comfortable with in a large commercial social networking space.  The answer to that question has been found, and it is "no".

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"If one would give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest man, I would find something in them to have him hanged."  
 - Cardinal Richelieu (a/k/a  Armand Jean du Plessis, Cardinal-Duc de Richelieu et de Fronsac)

E pluribus unum


You can #Quack that:

Nature abhors a maximum.
 - William Ophuls

"Pseudonyms and anonymity are also an established part of many cultures -- for  good reason."
  - Alma Whitten, former Director of Privacy, Product and Engineering, Google

I am not Prince Hamlet, nor was meant to be;
Am an attendant lord, one that will do
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Advise the prince; no doubt, an easy tool,
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Somewhere, there are two kids in a garage building a company whose motto will be "Don't be Google".
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