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Google's recently announced official support of the Trans-Pacific Partnership is wrong and evil

I'll be devoting my future use of G+ exclusively to objecting to this treaty and Google's support of it until such time as Google changes its position. I encourage you to do similarly.

I've also disabled all Circle feeds to my Home stream. I'll not be seeing much of what you post.

I encourage you most strongly to do similarly.

Should the treaty pass, I'll cancel this and other active G+ profiles and wipe content.

I'm also organising an area for intelligent discussion based on an earlier experiment begun here at G+, though at Reddit. The URL is While that's currently private, please message the mods (that's me) for access.

Oh: and Reddit oppose TPP.
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+Julian Bond That Schmidt quote was reported in 2014, so it's old news, but might make for some nice repackaging.

You'know, maybe get Google in the habit of admitting its mistakes.

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Check their TOS and you'll see they've taken away your constitutional right to a jury trial and other nasty behavior.

Why aren't the constitution huggers outraged about that?!

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Google supports the TPP. The TPP is evil. Google are Evil

Bernie Sanders on the TPP: "On the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), there are a diversity of views in the party. Many Democrats are on record stating that the agreement does not meet the standards set out in this platform; other Democrats have expressed support for the agreement. But all Democrats believe that any trade agreement must protect workers and the environment and not undermine access to critically-needed prescription drugs."
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders applauded much of the Democrats' draft platform, but stressed his concerns that it does not flatly oppose the TPP trade deal, which Sanders wrote "threatens our democracy."

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Google supports the TPP. The TPP is evil. Google are evil
2016 Presidential Politics Distracts From Jobs Issue, TPP, and China Conflict

Too worried about the gossip US politics has become, the world has overlooked the escalating tensions between China and its neighbors. Although the South China Sea Crisis is often framed as a conflict between the US and China, it is actually about shielding China’s neighbors from Chinese dominance. It is also about bolstering the Chinese economy as it struggles to overcome debt and the perpetual need to grow. The decision of an international tribunal in early July against Chinese claims in the South China Sea halted China’s use of international maritime law to rationalize its dominance over the South China Sea, but the unwillingness to support Chinese claims placed the International Community at odds with China.

With that in mind, the nations of Asia need China to fulfill their growing economic needs. The same is true for the rest of the global economy, including the US. What the Peoples of the world do not need, or want, is the communist government of China to gain the power to dominant the International Community. For this reason, TPP is being framed and promoted as a means to balance Chinese influence, even though it is an economic policy. Framing TPP in terms of national security distorts the benefits of this massive free trade agreement and pushes people to embrace a policy that can only be successful if it is economically beneficial to the US and its trade partners.

Distracted by campaign theatrics, political leaders recycle whatever policies are available, including TPP, instead of properly assessing problems and developing effective solutions.
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Google support the TPP. The TPP is evil. Google are evil.
Clinton friend McAuliffe says Clinton will flip on TPP, then walks it back -via Flynx
"Listen, she was in support of it. There were specific things in it she wants fixed,” McAuliffe said.
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Google are Evil
The fate of Cooper’s long-running Web site is a chilling reminder that creative work lives online at the mercy of the platforms that host it.
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+Rob Shinn Forest-tree impedence mismatch.

The issue at hand isn't "what is the strict and absolutely accurate definition of Wiccanism".

The matter at hand is "what kinds of beliefs could get you jailed, killed, or cooked to a very-well-done state at various points in human space and time. In the context of what level of security and encryption MUST be provided with any cloud-type service. And which an Evil Google apparently cannot be arsed to supply.

Thanks for being so discerningly perceptive of this point and not derailing the discussion with irrelevant digressions.


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+chuck patenaude and Terri could use help.


1. Anything to make the fucking healthcare disaster that's fucking fucking them the fuck over to sit up and fucking take fucking notice.

2. Press. Lots of it.

3. Advice on who the fuck's asses in Massachussets to light fucking fires under.
So, Terri was injured at work, an extremely painful torn hamstring muscle. She elected to not take time off or apply for workmens comp, because she felt she could keep working. Eventually, she had to see her PCP for referral to a "sports injury" specialist.
She works full time, for the state, in a fairly responsible position. Shen just got a call from the doctors office, that her insurance no longer was accepted by Baystate practices, and she would have to pay for being seen, and her new primary care physician was 125 miles away.
She is getting the runaround something fierce, but won't let me get involved yet, as she is afraid I will enlarge their rectums in a catastrophic manner.
I wonder if they really want to see published pictures of someone with a leg and arm black and blue from top to bottom, caused by one of their animals. She did sign a waiver, but it was never supposed to stop her from getting treated on the insurance she chose, and was switched from without notice.
She can't get any sensible answer from HR, and they claim they have no responsibility to help her get her insurance straightened out.
I think they need to be carpet bombed, in the strictly figurative sense.
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This exactly is why developed countries do have a compulsory health insurance with paid sick leave and a compulsory employer paid workplace accident insurance too.

But, but, but, .... well, 'murrica... :::shrug:::

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Google supports the TPP. The TPP is evil. Google are Evil

Democratic VP candidate Kaine interviewed by The Intercept on his TPP fast-track vote and support: With only hours to go before Clinton announced her pick, Kaine was unabashed in defending his vote. “Fast track was to give President Obama the same tools to negotiate a trade deal that every president since Gerald Ford has had, and of course I voted for that,” Kaine said. “Why would I not give to this president the same tools to negotiate a trade deal that other presidents have had?”
By contrast, Hillary Clinton has qualified her previous encouragement of the agreement, and now says she opposes it.
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Technically he supports abortion rights..he personally opposes it. Not standing up for him.. Just saying.

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Google supports the TPP. The TPP is evil. Google are Evil

[T]he TPP has other glaring deficiencies that also deserve attention by Congress and the presidential candidates: the poor protection given to the environment, food safety and human rights. There is not a single mention of climate change or human rights in the treaty text. Conservation protections for wildlife are minimal at best.

Foreign companies are granted the ability, for example, to challenge environmental laws of other countries through a controversial clause known as the investor-state dispute settlement system. In addition, the TPP’s environment chapter is weaker than those in previous free trade agreements.

Because of these flaws, more than 1,500 organizations, including major U.S. environmental and humanitarian groups, have come out against the TPP....
Hillary Clinton and many of her fellow Democrats meeting in Philadelphia hope to show the party unity arguably lacking when the Republicans gathered in Cleveland. A sticking point to a unified Democratic Party, however, has been the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), one of the most contentious topics of debate between supporters of Clinton and erstwhile rival Bernie Sanders.

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Google supports the TPP. The TPP is evil. Google are evil
As the Democratic National Convention begins in Philadelphia, tension is rising between supporters of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The Democratic National Committee chair, Florida Congressmember Debbie Wasserman Schultz, resigned Sunday following WikiLeaks’ release of nearly 20,000 emails revealing how the Democratic Party favored Hillary Clinton and worked behind the scenes to discredit and her rival, Senator Bernie Sanders. When Sanders ...
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"They're chanting 'No TPP' over Elija Cummings' speech" at the DNC

Google supports the TPP. The TPP is evil. Google are Evil.
@CassandraRules The Democrats have their jimmies rustled. Scooter Annie. Jul 25. Scooter Annie @scooter_annie .@CassandraRules @joehos18 Thank you for allowing me to see this..but reality is-Those Dem Lemmings Will Still Vote Her In If They Can 2 Win. Sorry, Twitter is taking too long to load.

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Google Support the TPP. The TPP is Evil. Google are Evil
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That's why I mostly use DuckDuckGo to search now.
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I'm strongly reconsidering participation in G+ following the YouTube Anschluss, November 2013.  Content subject to deletion at any time.

Comments privileges on my posts are limited.  Email me if you cannot comment and would like to be added.

Google have time and again violated several key principles:

Respect.  Of my time, my attention, my expressly stated desires, and most of all, my intelligence by repeating these and other insults time and again.

Trust. I will share very limited slices of me online.  Time and again Google reached for more, and time and again I had to push back.  This last violation (which, had I not already gone fully pseudonymous would have fully outed me as it did others) was one step too far.  I extend trust once, not twice.

Privacy.  This is the immediate concern here, and I've tried to create a walled space within which I can act.  I no longer feel safe to act there.

This incident again has made painfully clear that Google don't understand the fundamental nature of privacy, of social norms, and of spaces.  Of the desire for individuals to keep different aspects of their life and online activity, even within a single pseudonymous identity, separate.  Yes, there are some smart people at the Plex, but socially, you're collectively beyond retarded.  And I no longer care.

I'm actively looking for alternative platforms to use.  
For the time being I'm retaining the Gmail account associated with this ID ( though I'll be migrating that as well (and am accepting recommendations).  Correspondents are strongly encouraged to use my GPG key:  C210 9883 FFB4 3AC1 DEBF  9A2C AC6F 1E84 420A B7BD

I may be found:

As "dredmoribus" on Reddit:  

Primary content and engagement on "the dreddit", a/k/a Dr. Edward Morbius's lair of the Id.

On the subreddit   My primary publishing point for now.

Blogging on DreamWidth: (presently inactive)

All of which is subject to change, of course (though Reddit's likely to be a good contact).

RSS/Atom feeds for the above are:
Feel free to drop those in your newsreader of choice.  It's a bit clunky, but notably less so than G+ itself is.

I do plan on leaving a tombstone account on G+ with forwarding information and last details, though I'll be removing most or all of my content eventually.

G+ was to an extent an experiment to see if I could participate on terms I was comfortable with in a large commercial social networking space.  The answer to that question has been found, and it is "no".

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  ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤..     / \    Youtube if you are with us!


I don't do IM / Google Chat / Hangouts.
They're horribly intrusive and annoying.

I've blocked them in the G+ UI.  I don't check them. 
I've disabled all access / invite privileges.  
I'm not ignoring you, I simply don't see you.

If you want to reach me directly, either send a private G+ post, or email me (
I may respond to one or the other of those.

I thought I had a comments moderation policy here.  Apparently I don't.  Apologies for the oversight.

 See my /r/dredmorbius subreddit policy for the general parameters.

In particular, if you're requested to provide references, or context for naked links (particularly multimedia Audio / Video), do so.

I don't mind opposing viewpoints.  Viewpoints must be substantiated on request.  Failure to substantiate, or engaging in disruptive tactics, is grounds for deletion and/or banning.

The arbitration policy for moderation disputes is:  Moderation battles are short and boring: the moderator wins.


"If one would give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest man, I would find something in them to have him hanged."  
 - Cardinal Richelieu (a/k/a  Armand Jean du Plessis, Cardinal-Duc de Richelieu et de Fronsac)

E pluribus unum


You can #Quack that:

Nature abhors a maximum.
 - William Ophuls

"Pseudonyms and anonymity are also an established part of many cultures -- for  good reason."
  - Alma Whitten, former Director of Privacy, Product and Engineering, Google

I am not Prince Hamlet, nor was meant to be;
Am an attendant lord, one that will do
To swell a progress, start a scene or two,
Advise the prince; no doubt, an easy tool,
Deferential, glad to be of use.

Somewhere, there are two kids in a garage building a company whose motto will be "Don't be Google".
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