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"Tinkle, tinkle, little czar, Putin put you where you are."

-- George Takei

The Fascist Puppet Donald John Trump isn't orange: He's yellow

He's a bully. He's a liar. He's a coward.

And, well, that goldwater thing.

So, you might be asking yourself, "what's with the hat, Ed?"

I'm glad you asked. Oh, wait, it was me....

There's the colour thing. Yellow is, well, yellow. It's bright. It's visible. It's a simple pattern. It stands out.

There's the hat thing. They're cheap, should be easy to buy, or have manufactured. They're worn on heads, which means that they'll be visible in a crowd.

There's digging at Trump's insecurities. If there's one thing Trump is, it's thin-skinned. We can use this to our advantage.

This hijacks Trump's red-hat symbolism. It's hard to look at a baseball cap without thinking of Trump these days.

The motif stands out well online. It's a simple graphic visual.

If you're looking to protest, and generate visibility, what you've got is a cheap, wearable, visible, symbolic, associated item that's going to stand out clearly in images, video, etc. It's telegenic. It's American.

Text or logos can be added -- pins or badges if you want as well. The yellow hat of and by itself should be the primary symbol, but a short, sweet message "Dump the Coward", say, would work. Want to fly your BLM, LGBT, Muslim, Jewish, Union, FSM, or other flag? Put a pin on it. But show the yellow.

And yes, I'd like to make this a thing. Care to help?

Please re-share or link this post.
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Interesting choice of color given the Russian revelations about Trump's activities with prostitutes.


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That's a lot of merchandise.

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It's the Hats

Hundreds of thousands of women -- many wearing pink knit hats -- marched through downtown Washington, and also thronged the streets of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston to rebuke Trump on his first full day in the White House.

Attentive followers of mine may have noted a few posts of a suggestion that a useful and effective way to signal opposition to the Facist Puppet would be brightly-coloured, highly-visible, telegenic headgear.

The image shown here, and the text of the accompanying Reuter's article, second 'graph quoted above, shows the power of such symbology. There's no question that this crowd isn't united, and that they're working together. The fact that the caps are knit -- a handicraft that protesters can make themselves -- is all the better.

I'd suggested a slightly different token -- a yellow baseball cap, playing off a different theme -- but the symbolism and effectiveness of the apparel chosen here clearly work. It's a better choice, certainly in this context, and one I applaud.

I'm highlighting it as an example of effective symbolism. Do more of this.
Women turned out in unexpectedly large numbers in major U.S. cities on Saturday to stage mass protests against U.S. President Donald Trump, in a sign of the strong public opposition the Republican may face in office.
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"Little Boot"

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The Public Domain Review has a nice collection, should you feel a need to familiarise yourself with them.
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are described by John of Patmos in his Book of Revelations, the last book of the New Testament. The chapter tells of a
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+Jon Henry If you managed to just stay astride it you could claim "Come on I lean too ray loo".

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Immediately release Donald Trump's full tax returns, with all information needed to verify emoluments clause compliance. (
We the people ask the federal government to Tell us what the federal government is doing about an issue: Immediately release Donald Trump's full tax returns, with all information needed to verify emoluments clause compliance. Created by A.D. on January 20, 2017. Sign This Petition. Needs 48687 ...
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Anyone who bought what he has been selling so far won't care about anything in his tax returns, +Edward Morbius.

I keep hearing about the Dems being to blame for his elevation to thw White House but the GOP let him into the debates. They then ran it like a reality show (his milieu) where popularity and audience appeal were all that mattered and allowed him to trash all the other candidates. They couldn't get him to share his tax information. Why would he need to now?

This really needs to be laid at their feet more than the Dems. They valued winning the White House over governing the country, which is all they have cared about for decades. Why else pass the 22nd amendment to limit presidential tenure but not congressional tenure? Because they kept losing. They have been in reflexive, unthinking opposition since Buckley's day — his magazine motto encapsulates that. They have done everything they can to limit the franchise, to gerrymander, to control the process so they could retain power. And Trump is the result.

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Let's Hear It For The Girls. On January 21st, many thousands of women (and men) will march in support of women's rights. Get fired up with the following collection of posts supporting the event from …

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Leading Causes of Death Contributing to Decrease in Life Expectancy Gap Between Black and White Populations: United States, 1999–2013

One of the supposed wonders of the present age is the tremendous increases in medicial technology. This is a claim which falls apart the harder it's examined. In an earlier post, I show a morality chart prepared by the New York City Department of Public Health dating to 1800. What it shows is a massive decline in mortality from the 1850s, when cholera, typhoid, smallpox, and yellow fever epidemics swept the city, to about 1920. Since then, gains have been at best modest, with reversals observed from 1950 - 1970, and a plateau from 1970 to 1990.

The report here covers the period 1999 - 2013. I'd prefer it stretched back further, as I suspect it confirms my principle hunch: that life expectency for wealthy (that is, white) populations has largely remained constant, whilst it's the under-served communities which have seen increases. That is, it's fewer people dying young, rather than an increase in the maximum age attained, that is making the difference since 1990.

What the report does show is this exact mechanism since 1999:

* The gap in life expectancy between the black and white populations decreased 2.3 years between 1999 and 2013 (5.9 to 3.6 years).
* The decrease in the gap was due to larger decreases in death rates for the black population for heart disease, cancer, and HIV disease.
* The gap in life expectancy between black and white males decreased 2.4 years between 1999 and 2013 (6.8 to 4.4 years).
* The decrease in the gap was due to larger decreases in death rates for black males for HIV disease, cancer, and unintentional injuries.
* The gap in life expectancy between black and white females decreased 2.2 years between 1999 and 2013 (5.2 to 3.0 years).
* The decrease in the gap was due to larger decreases in death rates for black females for heart disease, HIV disease, and cancer.

These are the results not of tremendous breakthroughs in medical treatment, but of the equality of distribution of medical care to needy populations.

That is, the real revolution in healthcare is not one of technique but of delivery. Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act, is just such a modification of the US healthcare delivery system. And whilst this particularly study is timed too early to capture the influence of Obamacare, it does show just the dynamic I'd expect would result.

The GOP repeal of the Affordable Care Act will cost lives, and roll back what I strongly suspect is one of the most significant improvements in US healthcare capabilities in nearly a century.

The earlier NYC mortality post is here:

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Among the reasons life expectency is a useful health measure is that dead people frequently have poor health.

Lessons from Practical Applied Epidemiology.

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"Some words I'd said about Dubya that have come back to haunt me: [I hoped] that he was the second worst president. Our worst president would be our last. 1. I did not expect one so soon and 2. I hope Trump will be our new second worst president."

Seen around the Plus.
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+Edward Morbius yes, they could be radicalized and do damage with their assets and connections. I'm okay with taking that risk.

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This is Now
Dear Googles: I hope you're giving a lot of hard thought to Brownshirt-proofing your vast troves of personal data.

Just sayin'.
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Administrivia: If you are unable to comment on my posts...

I limit participation in comments to a selected, though broad, set of users. This is to cut down on various annoyances and a direct consequence of Google+'s abysmal moderation capabilities.

I add to this group liberally. The best way to get added is to show signs of intelligence -- in comments elsewhere, by reposting and commenting on one of my posts (I'll frequently see such mentions). Zero-content comments and posts tend not to generate an addition, though if your other content looks worthwhile, I may do so. An email may also work.

I also remove from this group fairly liberally. The "lair rules" from my Lair of the Id is a general set of guidelines. A good comment furthers the dialog, discussion, and understanding. It makes me think. It makes me question something, particularly myself. It teaches me something. Where it challenges it does so with facts and references.

A bad comment does the opposite.

My discussion style is usually didactic, that is, truth-seeking (there's some exception on specifically political posts and calls for action).

I'll also block on sight any number of annoyances, including any comment better supplied as a +1. "Awesome" or "Beautiful" doesn't inform.

*If you want to follow a discussion without adding a comment, use the "/sub" convention. This clearly indicates that you're subscribing to the discussion without putting anyone through knots trying to sort out what you mean. I appreciate removing such comments if a substantive comment is later made, though that's not strictly necessary. As moderator I may do so myself. On which point...

I do moderate my threads. Not particularly frequently, but it happens, and can be substantial. Please don't interpret this as a personal attack. In particular, in cases where I'm interested in pursuing a specific point of discussion I may delete comments and threads which diverge from that particularly. I'll usually make note of this before doing so, though not always. Again, I expect a certain maturity. Where a tanget does strike me as worth consideration, I have and here make a standing offer to link a post which explores it independently.

We have standards.

I am the Universe's utmost authority on one topic in particular: myself. Arguments with me over my motives, memory, intent, meaning, etc., are exceedingly boring. (Explorations or questions may not be, there is a strong distinction on that point.)

I am foul-mouthed, opinionated, capricious, an idiot, an asshole, and have a miserable memory. There is no need to remind me of such things.

Have a nice day.
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+Şerban Creţu It's proven sufficiently nonintuitive that I thought I'd make mention of it. The convention's existed for some years that I'm aware.

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Political Messaging: Short and sweet -- easier to Tweet

Signs and slogans need to pack a punch in a constrained space and timeframe. Be Bold. Clear, high-impact, memorable, rhyming, reclaiming-the-language, outrage, and humour are all powerful tools.

Use them, and well.
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Too bad her prediction was wrong.
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Google's forced integration (since rescinded) of G+ and YouTube accounts again has made painfully clear that Google don't understand the fundamental nature of privacy, of social norms, and of spaces.  Of the desire for individuals to keep different aspects of their life and online activity, even within a single pseudonymous identity, separate.  Yes, there are some smart people at the Plex, but socially, you're collectively beyond retarded.  And I no longer care.

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