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Edward Morbius
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Technological Archaeologist

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Forwarding Addresses

You can find all your Space Alien Cat Needs served at:

Email: dredmorbius <at> protonmail <dot> com
Mastodon: (add'l on,,
GitLab: (SOON!)
Ello: (for now)
Dreamwidth: (little-used)
Reddit: (subreddit) (user) (for now)
Hacker News:
Wordpress: dredmorbius (seldom used)

Sites I will not use

MeWe (see:

I am not:

"dredmorbius" on Twitter
"dredmorbius" at ZeroHedge
Anything on Facebook.

Organising the Exodus on G+

See the following communities:

Google+ Mass Migration: Large, AMAs, general discussion & info, noisy.

The Beginning is Near: Smaller, focused, planning & strategy group.

Wiki: #PlexodusWiki is a general-information resource: planning, processes, alternatives, directories, and more:

Reddit: #PlexodusSubreddit
For now, an off-site touchpoint.

10 December 2018 update: Google have advanced the Sunset by four months.

I'm going to be accelerating my discontinuation of G+ as a consequence. Expect to see principally Plexodus-related content here, and little else.

More to follow.

Last updated 1 January 2019

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More background on MeWe and its Nazi, white nationalist, and fascist problem
For those who were looking for proof that there are white supremacists and Nazis on MeWe, please view the pastebin link. It's a set of search terms and their results.

Next is a "trip report" about the MeWe environment. See the "Political Groups" and "Conclusion" section at the end. At minimum, the bias is pronounced, and additionally, given the founder's "free speech" views, the actually-problematic groups won't be going anywhere...

Also, side prediction: there will never be actual "public" posts on MeWe, because as I saw on another post, the stream would be a sewer like Gab...

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Friends+ Me Google+ Exporter users: Google have deployed CAPTCHAs on G+ traffic

This is so far as I'm aware, a first.

The Friends+Me Google+ Exporter is one of the few tools available which actually produces usable and useful as well as reasonably sized and accessible exports of Google+ content.

That's content Google have promised variously, since 2009, to make available to users in a usable format, and yes, we have Google's own statements to this effect.

Throwing CAPTCHAs at this traffic directly and deliberately prevents users from exporting their content.

Please do not do this.

See post:
Google deployed Captcha solution that prevents the G+ exporter tool to do its work.

We're working on a solution. Thank you for your patience.

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You want SignalFlares? This is a #SignalFlare

Excellent example from FiXato.
Other Social Network Presences:
With Google+'s imminent shutdown¹ (April 2019), it's time to light a #SignalFlare ² and share links to other social networks I have some form of online presence at.

My primary online profile will always be available from: This currently links to my Google+ profile, but in the future will either link to an overview page, or probably to my #Mastodon account.

#Mastodon ³ is an #ActivityPub-based #decentralized #shortform status updates network similar to Twitter, though with a more pleasant atmosphere and an increased status message length of 500 characters. Currently this is the place (apart from G+) where I'm the most active.
Profile page:

#Diaspora ⁴ is a #decentralised #longform status/blog updates network similar to Google+ with a wide variety of instances (called 'pods'). Years ago I picked the pod, and while I haven't really posted actively there, I still have an account there, which might see more activity after Google+'s demise.
It uses its own 'diaspora' protocol.
Profile page:

#Friendica ⁵ is a #longform social network that places itself in between the #Fediverse (Mastodon, GNU Social, pleroma, et al) and #Federation (Diaspora, Socialhome, et al), allows communication between both.
I recently created a profile there to test it out, but since most of my free time goes into developing #PlexodusTools ⁶, I haven't had time to use it more actively.
Its interface and feature set appeals to me though, especially since it allows for communication with both the Fediverse and the Federation.
I've picked the Libranet instance:
Profile page:

While #GitHub ⁷ is not really a social media network, but rather a #development publication platform based around the #git #VCS (Version-Control-System), it is a good place to keep up to date with the projects I'm involved in.
Username: FiXato
Profile page:

#Steam ⁸ is an online game store which also offers limited social network aspects such as chat and leaving messages on one's wall. Not really active much atm, but if I know you well enough, feel free to send me a friend request.
Username: FiXato
Profile page:

#Blogger ⁹ (also known as #Blogspot in some territories) is Google's blogging platform.
I have 2 blogs on it, though neither have had activity for quite some time.
Ramblings of a Coder:

Other profiles:
I'll try to keep my Google+ About Me page up to date with other profiles, though it also contains a lot of legacy profiles that I no longer keep updated: and click on "About" and scroll down to the Links section.
(Unfortunately there's no direct link to this About overview anymore)
Of course I'll also try to keep this SignalFlare post up to date, as it will be pinned to my profile, and will likely be reshared using the #SignalFlare hashtag on every first day of the month till GPlus shuts down.

Relevant links:
¹ Google's Blog: Google+ Expedited Shutdown:
² +John Lewis public request for using #SignalFlare posts to announce your alternative social media profiles:
³ Mastodon's primary project page, JoinMastodon:
⁴ Diaspora Foundation project home:
⁵ Friendica project home:
⁶ Plexodus-Tools project page, my own open-source WIP tool for processing Google+ Takeout archives:
⁷ GitHub:
⁸ Steam online game store: and its community site:
⁹ Blogger, Google's blogging platform:

#GooglePlusExodus #Plexodus #GooglePlusMigration #GPlusExodus #GPlusMigration

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Continued thread from G+MM
"The website is currently littered with pages promoting Nazism, white supremacy, ethno-nationalism, and far-right terrorism. Despite their often flagrant violation of Tumblr’s Community Guidelines, these pages remain largely active and easy to find."

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2757 days

I started posting on G+ on July 3rd 2011. That is 2757 days ago.

In that time I posted 2747 posts (not counting private posts) which received 17494 +1, 10357 comments and 2469 reshares.

The three most interacted posts were:

Strangely the first two were in German though most of my circles communicate in English with me.

As all good things tend to, this too has to end. In this case it is not entirely voluntary but Google is forcing my hands. I do not stay at pubs till the innkeeper throws me out, so I am leaving here too at a time of my choosing. That time is now.

This would usually also be the place where I would thank Google for giving us the opportunity of this social media. But currently my feelings are rather "f*ck you" for how the closure is handled. They burnt more trust than most companies ever get from me in a lifetime. I do not appreciate getting lied to and shunned. As mentioned elsewhere, one of my plans in 2019 is to move every possible service of mine away from Google.

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack threads on fire off the shoulder of Brexit. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Gamer Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to quit.

I will stop posting to G+ from now on. Private posts for direct communications or other exceptions may occur. But do not worry for me when this account falls silent. Though I will continue to read through this account, interactions from me will decrease. As mentioned, expect me to quit all Google services in 2019.

For the near future my main activity will be on Diaspora (, But I expect this only to be an intermediate step (even though it may last quite some time).

You can also find me on Mastodon ( though my activity there is very limited.

My primary hopes for future social media rest with +Christian Buggedei and his "Project Darcy" ( I will support that project to the best of my abilities. If you have resources to spare, the time will come where you can help too.

I also hope that +Tim Berners-Lee Solid ( will be a success.

Do not search me on Twitter or Facebook, I will not have any profile there.

There are several people I want to thank for their interaction here:

+Kristian Köhntopp whith whom I have been in contact for nearly 40 years now and who has been the person I interacted most on G+.

+Lauren Weinstein, +Peter da Silva and +Martin Espinoza who helped me to understand the U.S. view on my European cosmos and gave me insight into the maelstrom of U.S. politics.

+Joerg Fliege who did his best that I could make some sense about Brexit. Any such attempt is a forlone hope's mission but he did much better than other people who get paid a lot for it.

+Farlion Lunkwitz, +Raul Krauthausen and +Jens Unterkötter who sharpened my views in regards of areas within my own society which I tend to overlook far too easily.

+Yonatan Zunger who has been responsible for a large part of the trust I once held in Google. Also I always cherished his deep insight into most complex topics.

+Daniel Suarez for his participation and the insights into the live of an Author.

+Lucas Appelmann who is responsible for a lot of maps in my archive and who shared my passion for Terry Pratchett.

+Sakari Maaranen for the Finnish perspective.

Furthermore thanks to +Torsten Kleinz, +Michael Stuhr, +Barbara Gross, +Gwen Stoll, +Irreverent Monk, +Jan Wildeboer, +Andreas Holzer, +borg drone,+Harald Wagener, +Nils Dohse, +Ralf ter Veer, +Al Middleton, +Antje Bendrich, +Edward Morbius, +Anke Kornbuch, +Sven Türpe, +Sigrid Ehrenreich, +Raja Mitra, +Andres Soolo, +Daniel M., +Patrick Koetter, +André Baum, +Maik Zumstrull, +Maik Bischoff, +Thomas Eichhorn, +Rhys Taylor, +Karl Auerbach, +Karen Reilly, +Bettina Ascaino, +Elke Alex, +Rainer Sokoll, +Florian Sokoll, +Rainer Peter Feller, +Carsten Reckord, +Sabine Engelhardt, +Torrid Luna; +Lutz Donnerhacke, +Jürgen Christoffel, +Holger Koepke, +Michael Fuckner, +Dan Weese, +Michael Wiedmann, +Roland Tapken, +Uwe Seiler, +Ralf Ertzinger, +Daniel Mitzlaff, +Martin Loeschner, +Mitch Toß, +Christian Buggedei, +Petra Ristow and all the countless others who interacted with me. Please forgive me if I overlooked you in this post. There must be quite a crowd because this list is far too short.

All that remains for me to say here is: So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

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SignalFlares (Where are you going?)

If you see someone post where they are migrating to and they don't put the hashtag SignalFlare in their posts, just add it in their comments. This means it will still pop up for anyone doing a "SignalFlare" search and make it easier for people to find each other right up to doors closing.

Please note that I am NOT putting the hashtag in this post because it's not one... even though I would so thoroughly enough the meta of doing it; (yeah, I'll delete it if you put one in the comments, so don't bother.)

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There's a new Google+ Exporter release 1.7.2

This is a bug fix release which also signs you up to our update email newsletter so you can receive an email notification every time new Google+ Exporter version is released. You can unsubscribe anytime you want of course or subscribe manually

Download from

* NEW Google+ Exporter email newsletter so you will always know there's a new version released. Subscribe here
* FIXED Google+ account name detection.

#GooglePlusRefugees #GooglePlus #Google+ #DataLiberation #DataExport

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There's a new Google+ Exporter release 1.7.1

This is just a bugfix release.

Please reshare, thank you!

Download from

* FIXED Blogger export
* FIXED "Originally shared by" message structure

#GooglePlusRefugees #GooglePlus #Google+ #DataLiberation #DataExport

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Mobile or very large-collection users take note

The Internet Archive option in particular should be useful.
Data Export Options for Mobile Users

Google+ users with access to only mobile devices (smartphones, tablets), with metered or data-capped Internet service, unreliable Internet service, or very large Google+ collections, have particular challenges in exporting and re-publishing their content and data.

We can try to help you, but you'll have to help us help you....

A run-down of options and resources available.

Wait while more posts are being loaded