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The study followed 184 youngsters into adulthood, finding that kids who exhibited minor delinquent behaviors in middle school of the kind that often impress other teens tend to be less well-adjusted in the long run. Kids who sneaked into movies or stole things from their parents; who dated more people; and who placed more importance on physical attractiveness as a prerequisite for friendship were by their early 20s less popular and rated less socially competent by their peers. Moreover, delinquent behavior in middle school predicted greater levels of drug use and criminal behavior in the future.
A longitudinal study finds that the 13-year-olds with social cachet lose it by the time they're young adults.
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Sample size to small and too geographically restricted to be of any significant relevance. 
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Watch as right-wingers get played like a fiddle.

Fox News is just as corrupt as CNN and MSNBC.

“The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum....”

― Noam Chomsky, The Common Good

Fox is the designated "other end" of that spectrum.  Barrack Obama wants people who know CNN and MSNBC are nothing but a corrupt bunch of shills to flee to Fox because Fox won't look at the true root of the problems to keep from offending their corporate masters.  Fox is a designated catch-net.  Say people are waking up a little more and they see it?  No problem the natural progression of mainstream media sorts is to stick with what they know.  They run to Glen Beck who gets a little closer to the truth, but just like a normal mainstream news still diverts you away from the most vital and important information.

I saw this link on Facebook, posted by a right-winger trying to rally people behind supporting the only "real unbiased news network".

I find it interesting Breitbart was mentioned in the article but was completely overlooked by the ones sounding the rally call.  That's a real news organization.
There is no question that President Barack Obama doesn’t support Fox News. After all, they are the only major network which actually does their job: to be skeptical of those …Share
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Fox is equally as bad as MSNBC. The former hires conservative anchors and the latter hires all liberal ones. There is no such thing as fair and balanced news in the United States. What needs to happen is that the news just presents the facts, and allows people to form their own opinions, rather than presenting opinions for them. Even Fox is guilty of presenting opinions.
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David Monroe

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This made my day - a Slashdotting of an old Aspire One.  I just ordered the recovery media for my Aspire One D255E so I could put the Windows 7 Starter Edition back on it so I could qualify for the Windows 10 upgrade since it's the only system I have with a Windows license.  That and I'm not using it much these days since I pretty much have to carry a work laptop when I'm away for a while.  The findings are positive.  I'm thinking about making a tribute post to my One - the computer Fischer-Price could have built.
I have about the same netbook, and I've never used the Windows 7 that came with it, but want to put it back specifically so I can put Windows 10 on it to play with it. I lost the Clonezilla image I made of it years ago and am on the verge of ordering the backup media from the Acer website - I've co...
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David Monroe

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Fuck Equality!

So says the government.
A female Marine officer was fired after she was accused of being "abusive and hostile" for holding female recruits to the same standards as the men.
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To all my geeky buddies out there - I need help with a shell script. I need it to look something like this - the script launches as root, but it must be run as the logged in user. I've tried just about everything I can think of in the who line to get logged in as the user but it always fails. If I simply use print it will give the name of the logged in user, but I can't seem to target that output as anything useful.

Anyone got an idea?
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OK. Well, you can't get the session ID by ssh. Only from a shell opened directly under the logged-in GUI in the mac Terminal command. It least, that's how it works on my Macs. If you want to pursue this further, drop a line.
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David Monroe

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I felt compelled to writ this today, so I'll go ahead and cross-post it here, since I feel it's relevant.

I hear a lot about equality these days, mostly how I should consider everyone else equal to me.

The fact is I can no more make someone equal to me than I can change my own height.

To get to where I am took a lot of effort.  It took study, it took hard work, it took a lot of failure, and more importantly it took dedication and resolve to push forward in my progress and to recover from my failures.  I can not just give anyone my experiences, not even if I wanted to.

So you say you just want me to recognize everyone as my equal?  I've tried that too, it was one of my more interesting failures.  See, to be my equal you must act as my equal - you have to step up and take that place, it's not just a matter or recognition.  Turns out there's a lot of people who recognize themselves as superior to me, they don't like it when I recognize them as my equal.  There's also a large number of people that instead of wanting to be my equal just want me to do for them with no interest in obtaining my skills, my strengths, or my knowledge.  In fact many of those people would rather watch reality TV and keep up with what the celebrities of the moment are up to, but not necessarily the political or science celebrities, usually the TV and music ones.  If fact this class of person, and even the ones who consider themselves superior tend to be offended when I expect them to share in any duties that I do as an equal, they often resent being asked to do the duties they're good at in quantities of work that are even a fraction of my own.

I've decided my version of equality has little to do with my own efforts.  Being my equal has little to do with ones physical abilities - beyond those that are within ones own control.  Sure, if you sit around stuffing your face with Oreo's while washing them down with Mountain Dew only getting out of your chair to go to the bathroom you're not going to be my equal, you'll never keep up with me, but those are physical traits of your own choosing.  To be my equal you must step forward and take your place as my equal.

To want to be my equal also means you've either set your sights too low or you've merely marked me as a goal before the next one.  My sights are always set above where I'm at, and part of truly being my equal is constant self improvement.

It is not up to me to make you who you want to be.  To expect me to make you my equal is both intellectual and maybe even physical laziness on your part.  My duties where equality is concerned is not to recognize barriers that society perceives to exist, but I do not.  If you wish for me to recognize you as my equal I'll ask you to do the same, and work to remove the barriers that society has constructed around me.

Those who sit and ask will never get what those who go and do have.
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Equal rights or equal outcome.  That's what was in my head when I wrote this, it seems that once legal equality, or in the case of many groups these days legal preference is achieved it's not good enough anymore.  I'm supposed to hold myself back, or be held back, to make sure everyone else is equal to me.

If being equal to everyone else means I have watch reality TV with a crate full of Oreos and barrel of Mountain Dew so I can bring myself down to their level then I don't want that brand of equality.
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Saw on the way home.
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Drove past on the way out, the building next door had melted siding.
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Gosh, if George got past those two he would still have to hire someone else to do the paperwork for the leash holder.
from Mary J Ruwart Ph.D.

Here is a preview of some of the great new artwork my friend Kevin Tuma did for the new edition of my book. The 4th revised edition of "Healing Our World" will go to press shortly. Be on the lookout for a very special pre-publication offer the last week of July. If you’ve already read Healing, please share your comments with me!
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It’s easy and probably comforting to some to think of libertarians as one big solid block of government-opposing, tax-lowering, dope-smoking, freedom lovers, but that’s not the case. Libertarians are not lockstep in their worldviews. That makes sense, as this is a group of people that doesn’t want the country to be in lockstep about virtually anything.
LAS VEGAS _ This is what the vortex of evil looks like. A welldressed man onstage in a ballroom at Planet Hollywood is talking about investment in rare metals. Knut Andersen of...
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I predict this post will disappear soon, let's time it.

Generally when I mention FM 3-39.40 my posts disappear without warning.
Re-education camps for political dissidents are already starting. This guy served as a policy adviser to Reagan, has written pro-Christian, pro-American...
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I've contracted to lots of companies, had my hands in a lot of things, but I'm a tech all the way.  I'm stuck in the never ending chain of court cases where my daughter is concerned and doing everything I can to make sure she's well taken care of and healthy, both mentally and physically.
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    Migrated gas station PC's to DSL. Took a power company off of Token Ring and put it on Ethernet. Lots of little deployment jobs here and there.
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    I made sure gas stations could do their daily finances on a day to day basis over satellite earth stations.
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    Built Mac Clones - yes they were actually made for a while.
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    Throw newspapers into yards. That was fun.
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    Wash cars, chop weeds, work parts counter.
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Slightly on the expensive side. Five Guys and Mooyah have just as good of burgers if not better for cheaper, but this place has a "real restaurant" atmosphere where those other two feel more fast food. My only complaint about eating at this (or other Fudruckers) is my fellow patrons. For instance I just left a few minutes ago, there were two women looking at the soda dispenser like it was alien technology and they just stood in front of the thing and stared. Finally after a few minutes they got out of the way, sans soda. When they paged me to get my burger the same two women were staring at the condiment dispensers the same way. (Sadly this part of the review was written before they put in the newer touch-screen soda dispensers) I don't mean to pick on these two women, this happens every time I'm there. There is always someone who seems to not have the slightest idea how to work a salad bar or a pump dispenser and they're always just ahead of you, every time you turn around. At least the staff is great and I don't think they've ever messed up my order, which is better than I can say about most places. It would also be nice if they had a bike rack for me to park at, as it stands I chain my bike to a pole in the middle of their bushes. I had to knock a star off because the "red spice" - I'm not sure what it is - that every single other Fuddruckers I've been to has is not available at this location and hasn't been in years. If you ask for it someone might hunt down a shaker - they blame it on theft, usually walk around the place, look at every table and the fixin's bar where it should be, but it's never there, it wasn't there when they opened that day, I don't know why they look.
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