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David Monroe
The iron triangle must be broken.
The iron triangle must be broken.

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Found while walking the dog.

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I submitted a story, I could use some up-votes. Maybe I could even hit the front page for the first time in well over a decade I've been a Slashdotter.


Thanks for the help if you gave it, I made the front page!

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I've been using it for years, and not as a piracy tool.  It's to keep my disks safely stored in the closet and out of the hands of my kids, family, and guests.  That and it's a lot easier than searching for the right disk in all the binders.

If you're one of the protestors hired by one of George Soros' organizations and you get injured by a flash-bang or rubber bullet while protesting and have to be hospitalized because of it can you sue for workman's comp?

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Sounds like he gets it to me. Why should one class of workers be supported by the rest simply because they can't make it in an open market? Cut this and more.
"The day before Donald Trump's inauguration as president of the United States – an actual event taking place in the universe we live in – news broke that his administration plans to eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities..."

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Has anyone reading this done business on Alibaba?

I can't help but feel negligent not looking there to supply a business with computers if any of those deals are worth it, but everything I look at makes me wary of a junk purchase. I'm seeing a lot of stuff with Dell and MSI branding that I don't trust to be either.

I'm perfectly comfortable with no-branding or obscure branding, in fact some of my favorite brands these days are until fairly recently obscure/unknown Anker and Choetech - which I'm not certain aren't the same people.

This right here seems like a perfectly reasonable fleet laptop, and this particular seller has some transaction history - which I don't really trust either.

Any stories of good luck or getting screwed?

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Anyone else ever use the the Electric Sheep screensaver?

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What can I say, my son knows what he likes.
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