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Sugar Swings! Serve Some
sharing sugar creations sprinkled with a lot of geek and pop culture
sharing sugar creations sprinkled with a lot of geek and pop culture

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Piped Heart Shaped Butter Cookies - filled with rainbow jams
One of my favorite cookies are butter cookies.  So simple, delicate, and delish.  I even love those mass produced ones that come in the tins that your mom or grandma keeps thread and sewing stuff in! I had the great idea of making butter cookies but in the ...

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Candy Valentines on Chocolate Graham Crackers
Hey all, it's February and time for all that is pink and red and heart shaped! I love decorating graham crackers so decided to make some really simple edible valentine day treats made with lots of fun candies of the season. If you head down the candy aisle ...

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Lego Minifigure Healthy Energy Snacks - No nuts or refined sugar
One of my new years resolutions this year was to eat healthier - as I'm sure many of you are trying to do in 2017.  The problem is, I have a major sweet tooth (hence the blog) and I especially need a little sweety sweet at the end of the nite after dinner. ...

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Star Wars Valentines Day Chocolate Boxes
Happy 2017 all! Can you believe it's officially 2017?  We celebrated the new year away from home and up in Maine on a snowboarding and ski trip with some good friends.  It was so nice to get away and detach from the usual routine.  It was also really cool t...

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Super Hero Villain Gingerbread Men Cookies
Hey all, it's only 5 days to Christmas! My kids are already so excited that they already are too excited to go to sleep and feel like everyday is taking forever.  I miss that feeling - I'm in a bit of a panic as I still feel like I have a bunch of stuff to ...

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Holiday PEEPS Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake
My edible crafting with marshmallow PEEPS continues!  The fun people that work with the PEEPS brand were kind enough to send me some of their latest seasonal flavors! Sugar Plum Delight, Cinnamon Roll, Red Velvet, and Sugar Cookie. How fun are they??  Altho...

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Winter Bird on Mini Chairs & Trees Cupcakes
Hey all! I'm trying to get myself into the holiday spirit since we're only about 2 weeks away from Christmas (and Hanukkah too!) I've used jelly bean birds a bunch of times (scroll down to see more!) so I thought I'd try some little winter birds this time a...

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Autumn Tree Graham Cracker Treats
So I was driving with my kid the other day and we both noted to each other how pretty the day was outside.  A perfect autumn day with leaves all sorts of colors with a pretty blue sky.  Some leaves were still on the trees and some already had fallen to the ...

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Wonder Woman & Aquaman Candy Hearts
Did you know Wonder Woman turned 75??? Still going strong for 75 if you ask me.   As so many do, I have a thing for Wonder Woman as a strong and powerful role model.  I know a lot of people probably have issues with her outfit these days, but I think you ca...

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Halloween Skull Cake Bites (no dipping required!)
Less than a week to Halloween peeps! Halloween treats have been showing up across the interwebs since the beginning of September (or earlier!) so I figured I'd add some colorful skull cake bites to the mix.  I do have to admit that although I love cake bite...
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