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Growth Penny Stock Picks
The #1 source for undiscovered penny & small stocks
The #1 source for undiscovered penny & small stocks


$USDF on high alert - hearing rumors of a big awareness play coming - great risk v reward setup here #pennystocks #stocks

$NXHD up 18% on good volume. Filled the gap now holding strong, look for upside continuation #pennystocks #stocks

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$NXHD breaking news catalyst today - strengthens balance sheet, settles another $375k debt ($1.2m YTD) #pennystocks

$NXHD on breakout watch today - lots of buzz around, huge earnings recently released. Tiny $550k market cap, EPS $0.02 #pennystocks #stocks

$NXHD getting a lot of attention - breakout chart, amazing fundamentals for an OTC company #pennystocks @#stocks

$NXHD on breakout watch... amazingly undervalued company, EPS $0.02/Market Cap $550k and a nice bullish chart #pennystocks #stocks

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$TPNI on major breakout alert this week #pennystocks #stocks

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