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Bozhidar Iliev

After restart of my Galaxy S7 (not rooted Android 7.0) the widgets do not work and did not work in the past. Starting from version 1.01of Everywhere Launcher the widgets icons survive restart, which did not happen in the previous versions.

After trying 33 (till the moment) sidebar apps, I found the Everywhere Launcher to be the best one and without any competition from other similar apps. It is unique in design, implementation of (new) ideas and possibilities.

I'm using Everywhere Launcher more then 8 months. During this time it evolved considerably, changes in design and possibilities getting better and better after each update. I reported many bugs all of which were fixed. (Some bugs are due to Samsung Android updates on my Galaxy S7.) I made a number of feature and design suggestions all of which are now part of the app.

May be the app is a little difficult for new users due to its complexity and many possibilities combined in a single app. It requires some learning which pays off soon and then the users benefits from this beautiful app=

The developer of the Everywhere Launcher takes care of the it and is very responsible. He promptly answers to any comments, suggestions, bug reports and help requests.
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