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Fingers and Toes
A few years ago my sister-in-law and I went on a trip, when we returned, she mentioned how she missed her kids fingers and toes.  Although I had noticed my own children's and knew them to be important in growth and development, I had not stopped to think of...

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Monument Valley: Big Butes
Our first night in Monument Valley is one to remember.  We pulled into our campsite at Gouldings which was nestled between large butes of red rock.  The site had lots of trailers and a few tent sites which were close to each other.  The bathrooms were amazi...

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Travel- Montessori Style
As most of you
will be traveling during Spring break, I thought I'd offer some
suggestions on how to travel with children - Montessori style. -
First, talk to your children about where you are going.  Show them a
map or photos and get them involved in t...

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Low Tech Fail!
Yesterday was a crazy day.  I was so busy from morning to night posting and writing about no technology and how to limit the use of it in your child's home, bla bla, etc. My day in the classroom was crazy and thinking of talking to parents, expressing my co...

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Limiting Consumption- Beyond Montessori.
Montessori is known for limited items for children, but this idea needs to be for reasons beyond independence.  We need to help children understand why.  We need to talk to children in a real way about consumption and what it means.  It may seem grim, but I...

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Notes from a Recent Campout
We went camping this past weekend and I realized I'm still waiting on updating my Camping with Kids 2 post.  In the meantime I wanted to share some notes on why it's so important to just get out and be in nature. Last week, SD county was ravaged with 9 fire...

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Lunch Box Ideas: Healthy Meals for Schools
Since the kids and I have gone back to school, planning and sending in healthy lunches and snacks are quite a challenge.  I first started back in Sept trying to give myself a 30 day challenge.  I soon realized that was not about to happen with time to take ...

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The Montessori Child at School and Home (3-6)
I tried to recap my discussion with parents into their ages, work at school and things they can do at home and things parents can do with their children.  This is really brief and a bit all over, but I hope it can help. Breakdown of the Primary 3 year cycle...

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Handwriting: The importance of repetition and perfection.
A few months ago I wrote a post about cursive and the art of handwriting .  I had not yet re-entered the classroom when I wrote it.  Now that I've been there for almost 3 months, it is something I see as essential.  My experience thus far is difficult to wr...
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