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LED + Liquid Nitrogen
This animation demonstrates the effect of changing the bandgap in a semiconductor. When the electrons have to go from the n-type layer to the p-type layer, they have to lose energy. And this energy is imparted as photons. That’s how the LED works.

Since the LED is now immersed in liquid nitrogen, the band gap ( the difference in energy between the n-type and p-type layers ) has increased. And therefore the energy of the light emitted is also increased. Orange( Lower energy ) – > Green ( Higher Energy )

Video source:

Bangap - read & learn



#physics   #experiments   #LED   #liquidnitrogen   #bandgap  
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Sat., Jun,. 25th - in Germany. Happy Birthday Dad. 

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Dragons breath

I just love Gotland, this fine island east of Sweden with it's dramatic seascapes and sunsets. This is from Nyhamn my fourth day there and waiting for a nice sunset. We saw from our house that this could be it so we drove down to Nyhamn and as we arrived the show started. I ran to the beach and put my gear up and took photo after photo! This is a panorama of two photos to get more of the amazing sky.

#gotland   #sweden  
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Sony A7 with Zeiss Distagon 25/2.8 + LEE HG ND 0.6 + ND 0.6

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