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I opened 50 Overwatch loot boxes on Twitch so you don't have to. Needs more Rio Games.

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Thanks for the recommendation, +Khalid Robinson! The visualization of opposite gravities was gorgeous and delightfully confusing.

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Danny should be at Strategicon on Saturday and visiting Baldwin Park on Sunday.

Hey, +Google+.

This is your friendly neighborhood reminder that many of us will want Events restored before we switch over to "the new G+".

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I've got a new website up. It describes the different things that are done under the TRIVIAL, LLC umbrella -- including our ghetto learning effort.

The site was made with Wordpress which I'm hosting on my own server through Linode. If you don't know what that means, you can ask me on Saturday.

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TrivLLC Learning Day Requested by +Adan Constanzo & +Jen P! Let's find out which Saturday is best for everyone so I can slot it out and help you with your project.

There may also be sessions beyond this one, during whichever week I have off work for the holidays.
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Saturday, Dec 26
Saturday, Jan 2
Saturday, Dec 19
Saturday, Dec 26
Saturday, Jan 2

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While continuing with the front end developer materials, I found this really cool work depicting the ocean depths while featuring developer tools in Firefox's Developer Browser. Enjoyable even if you're not developing and informative if you are!

Hey, Google+ peoples: where did Events go? The feature I most use, other than Photos, doesn't have a clear link. Did it get combined with something else?

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I'm going to read a Javascript book or surf. It depends on the weather and my mood. If you wish to join me, inquire. Actual execution completely subject to my whims.
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