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Vanity Fair has an EXCELLENT article on Marilyn Monroe this month .... if you like Marilyn, you should check it out & there are some awesome new pics in there as well!

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Definitely. She should trend not all these other peeps like Gahgah and Biebher:)
Yes, I TOTALLY AGREE with you that she SHOULD TREND!! Her birthday is June 1st & the 50th Anniversary of her death is August 5th, She was only 36 years old at the time of her death & just LOOK at the IMPACT that she had & continues to have even though she's been gone for 50 years!! Do you think we will even remember WHO Biebher WAS in 50 years?? I think not! +Dede Craig
Perfect - please remind me on the day in case she's not trending we'll have to make it happen :) 
We will have her trending by her birthday... :)
Have I toldja lately that I dearly LOVE YOU Ladies & that I THINK ya'll ROCK!!! Consider yourselves TOLD!! (((MEGA HUGS)))
Lol and I'm sure we love you moar xoxo
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