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Michael Rajnovic
I Like Finding Unknown Films That Deserve Attention
I Like Finding Unknown Films That Deserve Attention

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Reviews: Beyond The Grave and Bodom
I finally get back to some reviews, more of the mini variety as I try to get healthier. Here goes... Beyond The Grave (2010, now on Hulu) Something has led to the gates of hell opening up (in, what they tell us at the beginning of the film, after a Nietzsch...

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The Fine Art Of Falling Apart - Down The Neorealism Memory Lane
The film : The Fine Art of Falling Apart (2014) The under-the-radar factor : Done on a budget of $2,500, the debut feature of Ace A. McCallum features a (mostly) non-professional cast of performers. The flic is currently available through the online screeni...

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Just Another Gore-fest?...VANish The Thought!
The film : VANish (2015) The under-the-radar factor : Actor Bryan Bockrader tries his hand at directing with this first feature. As with so many new indie titles, there are VOD, DVD, Bluray, and iTunes options available to check this one out. It seems the b...

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William's Lullaby Strikes A Sharp Note
The film : William's Lullaby (2014) The under-the-radar factor : Shot in 16 days for a reported $1800, this micro-budget production has won awards at some of the festivals it has played at and is scheduled to be made available via DVD and streaming/download...

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Briefly - I Fall Down
Say "indie film" in this day and age and you're not actually talking film - you're messing with video... unless you happen to be Edmonton-based writer/director Christopher White, who raised $20,000 and decided to shoot a feature in Super 16mm (Robert Altman...

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Dark City Is One Silly Town
The film : Dark City (theatrical release in 1998 - this is a review of the 2008 Director's Cut) The under-the-radar factor : Box office receipts were fairly soft for this New Line Cinema effort on its theatrical run. Safe to say not a lot of eyeballs have l...

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Briefly - Familiar
Being led to believe by a voice in his head that life has passed him by, a middle-aged family man poses a danger to others and then to himself in writer-director Richard Powell's 2012 short film  Familiar . Robert Nolan John Dodd (Robert Nolan) seems to be ...

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Willow Creek Runs Dry
The film :  Willow Creek (2014) The under-the-radar factor : The films of director Bobcat Goldthwait, while often critically acclaimed (or at least highly recognized for their audacity) have never done huge box office or found a mainstream audience. This fi...

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Tesis Doesn't Go To The Head Of The Class
The Film : Tesis -AKA Thesis (1996) The under-the-radar factor : Chilean-Spanish filmmaker Alejandro Amenábar has gone on to direct attention grabbers such as big-budget Hollywood fare ( The Other), as well as   Oscar winner The Sea Inside (Best Foreign Lan...

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Briefly - Le Fear II: Le Sequel
After creating a movie about a particularly bad filmmaker making particularly bad films in the 2010 production Le Fear , writer-director (and sometimes actor) Jason Croot brings back the character of Carlos Revalos for Le Fear II: Le Sequel , a low budget c...
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