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Marshall Miller

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Sienar Fleet Systems is the maker of the innovative TIE fighter, in exclusive service of the Galactic Empire. Join us in our new factory on Lothal!
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Marshall Miller

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My battlefield 3 beta experience:
Step 1) run around empty rooms.
Step 2) die.
Step 3) repeat?
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I did download it and tried to play it today, was very buggy. and ya, cant stand the browser interface out of game, its just irritatingly unnecessary.
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Marshall Miller

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The ugly: Stop mo camera dolly still isn't painted.
The good: Said dolly looks to be working better after some improvements I made'
The bad: The usb on my camera is broken. :(
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boo on that
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Marshall Miller

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Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!
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Marshall Miller

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The soundtrack is pretty good too:
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Marshall Miller

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Pretty sure the orange ball was a plane, saw it one evening and watched it for a bit. as it got closer i could hear engines and saw a small light to it's left that looked like a wing light.
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