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Rob Barrett
Roll 1d6: 1-2 Family Man, 3-4 English Professor, 5-6 Geek.
Roll 1d6: 1-2 Family Man, 3-4 English Professor, 5-6 Geek.

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Played the 2nd edition of Dominion for the first time last night. Reminded me of how much I loved the first edition. Definitely need to play Dominion more regularly.

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Well, it is a freakin' classic, +S. John Ross!
I felt an odd mood to mock up a cover for the Risus Companion's arrival on OBS, and boy did I mock. Not pompous enough, or just the right amount of pompous? It's one of those.

Naturally, if you're a Cumberland PDF customer of the RC or if you're a Lulu customer who followed the instructions and got your number registered, I can hook you right up with free OBS access once the time comes; might as well start those emails coming; there's over a thousand folks who qualify and I see a lot of cutting and a-pasting in my future. The email is the info is your name, IOR number, and order details (whatever you've got to make the database search a little easy; have a heart) and really it's just pompous enough, I think. Yeah. Coming soon to the OBS ...

Don't want to derail David Lozano's thread, so I'm shifting my concern about piling too much onto a single cliché to this new discussion. I wonder if one solution is to take a page from Barbarians of Lemuria and link clichés to careers or lifepath stages.

I.e., a character who looks something like this:

Retired Infantry NCO (4)
Survivor of a Childhood on the Streets (3)
Bored Caravan Guard (2)
Secret Knitting Enthusiast (1)

Clarification request: when double-pumping, a character is not capped at their cliché value, yes? I.e., the Flame-Throwing Wizard [5] can double-pump her cliché, raising it 8 dice and only losing 4?

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Highly recommended!
In some ways, The Big List of RPG Plots is the "biggest" item I've added to RPGNow/DriveThru so far, outpacing Risus and Uresia in terms of broad reach. Reviews and star-ratings are super-welcome (good or bad); they really seem to make a big difference on the site. As always, the Big List remains 100% free.

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+trey causey, I'm really impressed with how good the book turned out in print. Had not seen a color book from RPGNow on this high end paper stock before.
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Want more Expanse, please.

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2016 be like:

+John Till: Strange Stars run using Risus?
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