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A complete 2D MMORPG platform including client, server and web components.
A complete 2D MMORPG platform including client, server and web components.


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Here's a video demonstration of the new Qt Quick-based Mana client running on Tizen and an interview with +Thorbjørn Lindeijer about the history and future plans of the project.
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A few days ago we tagged Mana 0.6.1, a bugfix release for the client including updated translations for Finnish, Brazilian Portuguese and Polish. The release is available in source form, as Windows installer and the Ubuntu PPA was updated.

More details at
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Earlier this week we released Mana 0.6, which includes almost two years of improvements. It was made possible by an intense period of testing and bugfixing to make sure the client was again suitable for release. We hope to make releases more often going forward, honestly!

The 0.6 release is currently available in source form, as a Windows installer or from an Ubuntu PPA, all available on our downloads page. It is also already included in Debian, Ubuntu 12.04, Arch Linux and Gentoo as the 'mana' package. An updated Windows installer for +The Mana World is also available.

Our next steps are to create a branch for further bugfixes and translation updates to 0.6, and to move forward to 0.7 on the master branch. Feel free to let us know what you think of the release and what you expect from the next!
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