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Well worth watching to understand what's happening in the US. I'd be interested to see how this works in other countries/economies as well.
The Biggest Scam in the History of Mankind

So I watched this very well done video by Mike Maloney. He explains how currency works in the United States on a level that almost anyone can understand. Sounds like the #Banksters  are robbing the country blind.

Yesterday the video had 10,000 views now it is over 70,000 looks like America is waking up!

#Banking   #Fed   #FederalReserve   #BoomBustCycles   #Economics  

Heading to SFO in September for the first time in a good 9 months! It's been too long.

Just as I was about to leave work today, HR informed me that it would be my final day as a Web Developer at Google.

Starting Monday, I will officially start in my new role as a Software Engineer. 

I started trying to tag people to thank for helping me get to this point, but the list was too long (and I didn't want to forget anyone) so I'll just have to hunt you all down soon :)

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Went for a walk on the Avon Trail this afternoon. Can you spot the trail marker? Or the trail?

There's a Crossfit gym opening up in Stratford. On one hand, I think I would enjoy the functional, community-focused challenges. On the other, I want to punch most crossfitters in the face.

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That is pretty auto-awesome.
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In this study, the researchers attempted to fight casual biases in based on casual stereotypes and prejudices. This is not about blatant racism; this is about subtle, subconscious bias. 

This study came about because some groups of people have been proven to receive inferior treatment because of their race, when all other factors were equal. Not surprisingly, doctors tended to treat blacks with less serious attention. Similarly, it's been found that in a white room, with the same resume, someone an employer believes is black has a significantly less chance of being interviewed and hired. 

In this study, a number of researchers attempted to find methods that could help to fight these prejudices and get people to treat people identically despite these casual, subconscious biases. 

A number of methods did not work. This is not surprising. One of the most effective methods was to present subjects with "counter stereotypical" imagery. For example, showing the subjects images of black people in very positive roles was an effective behavior changer. That said, even its effects were somewhat temporary. 

This suggests that if we want to eliminate casual prejudiced and biased behaviors, including discrimination in hiring and medical practices, people need to consistently be presented with imagery that bucks hurtful stereotypes, and shows marginalized groups of people positively. 

The next time you say that constantly sexualizing, diminishing, or brutalizing women in the media doesn't hurt anybody, think about this. 

A side effect of the study will note that the relationship between participants that actively admitted biased views and those that reflected biased views in their practices was very little. Almost nobody admitted to racial bias, but it was surprisingly common. So the next time you say, "I'm not prejudices toward X", consider that maybe, just maybe, you could be, but don't notice it. Maybe you're no more enlightened than the more than 11,000 participants in this study.

(While an academic paper, there's a link to download it, free of charge.) 

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There is a comedy math show? With production value? God I love the BBC.

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Looking for a quick Java refresher course/book and found this.

Not what I was after, but I kind of want to keep watching...

"Look at this toaster, what can it do? The toaster can toast. Good toaster!"

PHEW! Taught my first Ladies Learning Code today. What a whirlwind. I could NEVER be a full-time teacher, but it was totally worth it.

Fantastic turnout and the people that were there were super engaged.

It was so exciting to see all the lightbulbs go off and to see so many women realizing how much they're capable of.

Can't wait for Ruby next month (yes I'm crazy enough to do 2 in a row)! A bit concerned it will be a harder sell, but I'm going to start flogging it now. I promise that it's the one that will make you feel like you have superpowers.

But for now, wine. And strawberries.
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