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Logo Showcase Episode 6
Logo Showcase Episode 6 FILA Logo "The FILA brothers started manufacturing clothing in 1911, in
the shadow of the Italian Alps. The current logo has been used
effectively, largely because of the treatment of the letter F. The
red bar makes the initial uniqu...

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Logo Showcase Episode 5
Logo Showcase Episode 5 Volkswagen Logo “One theory states that the logo was created by Franz
Reimspeiss, a Porsche employee, while another
credits Martin Freyer with winning a design
competition. Either way, this is arguably one of the
most successful logo...

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Logo Showcase Episode 4
Logo Showcase Episode 4 Nickelodeon Logo "The Nickelodeon logo, by comparison, is conservative. Because the
obliqued, rounded, and friendly logotype consistently reverses out of
orange blobs that vary in shape” Gernsheimer, Jack (2010-02-23). Designing Logo...

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Logo Showcase Episode 3
Logo Showcase Episode 3: 1. Mitsubishi Logo       “The current Mitsubishi logo appears to have surfaced in 1964. The shipping company that was formed in the 1870s and later became Mitsubishi used a triangular water chestnut on its ships’ flags. “Mitsu” mean...

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Logo 101: Research before design
      Earlier I talked about how I never start designing until I have done a significant amount of research about a company/brand. The first thing I want to do is research the brand and find out what their core values are. Core values may include, customer ...

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Logo Showcase Episode 2
1. Reading Pretzel Machinery Gernsheimer, Jack (2010-02-23). Designing Logos (Kindle Locations 1310-1313).  Skyhorse Publishing. Kindle Edition.        Once again, the common theme of mixing typography and symbolic images is used to give a company its  reco...

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Logo Showcase Episode 1
Today I will critique some logo's that I find effective for their respective brand's identity.  1. The Reading JCC Logo  Gernsheimer, Jack (2010-02-23). Designing Logos (Kindle Locations 1361-1363).  Skyhorse Publishing. Kindle Edition.         This logo is...

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Logo 101: Simple vs. Complex Imagery
As I talked about in my last post, simple logos are more effective than complex logos loaded with details. Logo's should not appear lifelike or photographic, it's more impotant that your logo be seen in it's entirety

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Today's Lesson: Positive vs. Negative Space
       There are many principles of design, each help create captivating imagery. However, one particular principle is stressed over and over again in some of worlds best logo designs. The relationship between positive and negative space helps give a logo a...
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