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Taliban announce start of spring fighting season; Le Pen & Macron clash over fish*; Arkansas breathes deep sigh of relief after executing 4 people in a week, narrowly avoiding doing them any harm by using lethal drugs past their sell-by dates. Middleton contemplates a revival of "A Mad World, My Masters."

*Tartar sauce, says Macron; vinegar, says Le Pen

Our newspapers are afflicted with Headline Paranomasia. It's ugly and embarrassing. One can only pray that Marine le Pen does not get elected.

2 best headlines. Res ipsa loquitur.

1. Scientists find giant, elusive clam known as 'the unicorn of mollusks' (Washington Post).

2. Carmelo Anthony Allegedly Knocked Up Dancer and La La is Pissed (

Arkansas, bless its heart, is worried that killing prisoners with drugs past their sell-by dates, may have side effects. (Nagging cough? Slowed respiration?
Erectile dysfunction?) Happily for the state, a couple federal judges have intervened.

When comment is superfluous:

A Canadian man says he was stung by a scorpion while travelling in business class on a United Airlines flight. Richard Bell said the scorpion fell from the overhead bin and onto his head during lunch on a trip from Houston, Texas to Calgary in Canada. (Thanks, BBC.)

The scorpion was forcibly removed from the plane, suffering a concussion and a broken tail.

Spoiler alert:

Chapter One says to love her
You love her with all your heart
Chapter Two you tell her you're
Never, never, never, never, never gonna part
In Chapter Three remember the meaning of romance
In Chapter Four you break up
But you give her just one more chance
In Chapter Five you get stung by a radioactive, genetically-altered wasp
And you turn into a superhero

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Today's headline of the day du jour au jus avec l'ananas is from the Washington Post:

Iceland’s president is a hero, because pineapple on pizza is an abomination

In the interest of full disclosure, I have used my personal AOL email account to discuss poetry.

The headline of the day du jour au jus, with gravy, is from the Washington Post -- and, mirabile dictu, it's not about POTUS:

Kyrie Irving believes the Earth is flat. It is not.

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