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When talking about the word "debt" and the word "till"? Often the question follows. "Because I have so much debt" Or from that reason. "Because I owe it all"

The word "to be in debt" means that we do not have enough income to pay. Finally to find a way to borrow the debt to spend on. Finally, it falls into a whirlpool of debt. While the word "Because I owe it all", then it means that. Having debt makes us obligated to pay steadily both principal and interest so that we can not escape from poverty.

The people with debt problems really are people. "I believe that many people may have the answer in mind is not the poor, not the rich, but the" people do not have good financial discipline "because sometimes. We owe it. It does not mean that our lives are bad or wrong. But it may be a way to survive an emergency in life.

Debt is not wrong. But wrong debt will cause life to break. And I encourage everyone who is in debt to survive the crisis of life as quickly as possible.
So on the day we had financial problems. Choosing to be debt may be one of the solutions to continue our lives in the future. Although not the best way. But what is more important than debt is that we must be sure. We have discipline in long-term debt. Because otherwise interest will increase, even more than the shadow of confidence.

No matter how long we are in debt. Or owed until, I want to emphasize another word. "To be debt. Do not forget to use it ".
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