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More #Backpain myths.

Here's a really good dismissal of the #skinnyJeans cause back pain myth.

As therapist should we have to spend time countering the the nonsense that some therapists dream up to drive patients into their clinic. Or are we better taking the time to help each patients to manage their own backs with correct treatment, advise and exercise when appropriate.

We should be there to treat, guide and educate our patients. Not to scare them. What do you thing?

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The Online Booking system for has changed. Book online or Osteopathic treatment in Glasgow at It's really easy to use.

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Use #rocktape or another kinesiology tape? I've put together a little list to get the best out of your tape. Think of any more "rules or rocktape "need to knows" add it to the comments section

Long time since I've been on here. Time to try and make up for it..

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What do you get the person who has everything?

A #massage of course!

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WHY? National Performance Centre for Sport at Heriot-Watt University

Today we had the news that Heriot-Watt University campus is going to be the site of the new Scottish National Performance Centre for Sport.

I can't understand why Heriot-Watt won the bid for the National Performance Centre for Sport. This is going to be the place where Scottish sports people are helped to achieve sporting excellence,

#heriotwattuniversity appears to have no history of helping develop this. Having a look at their website it also appears to offer no courses in this area either. One of the aims of the new centre is "It will serve as world class facilities for sports science and medicine all linked together by a spectacular sports promenade."

How long will it take to develop the faculty to put the training in place, because a part publicly funded facility should be looking to train people that can deliver to grassroots sport to allow the next generation of sporting stars to grow an thrive at centres like this.

Why weren't educational centres that already have the people in place chosen? if staff are poached won't this weaken the existing places and won't this duplication waste public funds?

What do you think?

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Tips on Getting Kids to Eat Vegetables

Following on from a post from +Michael Burt I thought I'd share a tip I use at home to get my kids to eat their VEG.

Take the Kids to the garden centre. Get them to choose a packet of seeds. They then have to prepare the ground/soil. Sow the seeds and look after them until harvest. Next is the best bit....Eating them.

I believe that this approach teaches them a lot. My kids know where the fruit and veg comes from. It teaches them responsibility; (they have to water them etc, patience; they have to wait until they're ready to eat. They also learn how to prepare and cook them.

You might be amazed at what we've managed to grow in pots, tubs and window boxes. So next spring give it a go.

Do you have any tips to get kids to eat fresh food? leave them below
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