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Wm A. (DeMyztikX)

It's sad that Leia ended up with Indiana Jones instead of Jake Blues.

New traveller!

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August Updates
Haven't had much to post on here lately as I've been working on a lot of projects. A new blog (more later) is in the works. Hopefully I'll be getting a website up that will host my new blog and have some cross posting from this one. I've been announced as t...

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The Art of Playing
It was recently brought to my attention that there are a lot of guides and advice out there for GMs but not really much for players. In fact the traditional wisdom of there being an issue with a player is either kick the player to the curb, or it's the GMs ...

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Act I Part 1
So here's the brief story thus far on the 4th edition game that has been described as both "storyless" and an epic story. Act I, Part 1. The players have been summoned into a mysterious room, one at a time and told they were needed. The tale is in more deta...

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Current State
There have been some great updates had over here. It's about time I shared some of them. At least as much information as I can share. First off I'm involved in a video game project now. It's currently in Early Access on Steam and making some great progress....

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Dark Horizons
Quick Update here to let people know about a special event this weekend. Tomorrow (Saturday, May 23rd) at 7pm Eastern, we're going to be celebrating the release of Faction Wars for Dark Horizons: Mechanized Corps. There will be a bunch of us old folks from ...

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On System Mastery and 3.5
When I commented on how I dislike unmodified 3.5, I got a lot of comments on how it's the GM's job to modify it. Well, yes and no. When we're specifically talking about RAW 3.5 or unmodified 3.5 we're talking about the core of the game. That's why we use RA...

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So the issue of my notes for sessions and play has come up, and I think it's a pretty important topic to gaming for everyone. When I gamemaster, I expect to write up one page for every 4-5 hours of play. Then during actual play I expect to write up another ...

Four closed beta keys for Heroes of the Storm. Anyone interested?
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