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This is me who I am.
This is me who I am.

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I am close ... so close ...
Only $20 away from my next goal, and still have just about 24 hours to go. Won't you help me push it over the edge, and help out a great cause? You know you want to...
If you can't donate, but still want to help out, my team and I will be out at Collector's Inn in Kenmore from 11 AM tomorrow through Sunday morning. Stop on by and say hi! Gifts of doughnuts, caffeine, or other tasty goodies are heartily accepted.
Thanks again, and play more games!

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And just like that, I've hit my fundraising goal! Thanks to everyone who donated!

I guess the only thing left to do is ... RAISE my goal! :) I'm now shooting for $200 in donations. Won't you help me make some lives just a bit easier? Thanks again!

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Only a few short days to go, so I'm hitting all the stops.

This weekend, I'm going to be participating in a 24 hour gaming marathon to benefit Extra Life, a charity that raises funds for juvenile cancer research and treatment. All funds will be going to our local branch of the Children's Miracle Network, the Buffalo Women's and Children's Hospital.

Won't you help us out with a donation? Thanks!

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Dear friends and family,

On November 7th, 2015, I am going to be doing something ... a little different. I'm joining with my local game club, the Buffalo Gamers Society, for a fund-raising effort benefiting the Children's Miracle Network through a charity called Extra Life.

The idea is simple: people who love games come together and pledge to play their favorites for 24 hours. I know: sounds like a typical weekend, right? But with your help, we'll be raising funds for our local beneficiary, the Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo. These funds will be used to purchase equipment and to help pay for expensive care. 

How can you help? Simply visit my page at and click Support Me. You can donate any amount, whatever you like. I'm asking that you consider donating $24, just a buck an hour for the day. It's tax deductible, and all the proceeds, 100%, goes directly to our selected charity. 

When I think about all my friends and family members, I realize how lucky we've all been that so many of our kids, our grandkids, our nieces, our nephews, have been and stayed happy and healthy, and about how quickly that can all change. I'm hoping to do just a small part to help other families who aren't quite so lucky. And I'm hoping that you'll want to help too. 

Thanks so much, and let the games begin.

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Check out my pictures from this year's trip to +Gen Con Indy, featuring the +Misdirected Mark Productions crew, +andrew smith 's family, +Eric Simon and Lil' Gamera. :D

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Deadlands Reloaded, running a conversion of the Classic Deadlands Dime Novel, "Independence Day" at UBCon XXV. Those are buildings from Fat Dragon Games's Rio Draco line:

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Can it be true? Can UBCon, Buffalo's premier gaming convention, be celebrating their Silver Anniversary?! Yes, indeed! And we're looking for a few good Savage Worlds Fans to help us celebrate!

Event registration is currently open at, and there's already talk of some special events. For Savage Saturday Night, we're currently lining up GMs, so if you care to join us, make sure you get registered ASAP! Event registration will be closing in early March, so hurry, hurry, hurry!

We'll see you at UBCon XXV!

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