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Lesley Turner
Fibre artist, ecological landscape designer, arts instructor
Fibre artist, ecological landscape designer, arts instructor

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Backyard Project: Irrigation - A Big Job
Irrigation installation equipment: measuring wheel for finding distances, coloured flags to mark zones, grubbing mattock to dig trenches. Mike Isacson, the owner of  Island Waterwise Irrigation  and assistant David, arrived in February to install an irrigat...

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Chive vinegar = yummy summer salads

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Backyard Project: New Studio Footwear and New Garden Bed
I wrote a couple of posts about the shoes I wear going to and from the studio and inside the studio  here  and  here . With the past snowy winter I had to add another pair of footwear - waterproof rubber boots with New Zealand wool liners. These are also my...

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Backyard Project: Finishing the 2 Roofs
The roofers arrived to put the final layer of bitumen on the shed area roof. This layer has a rough grit stuck to the surface to make it more weather resistant. Roofing or clout nails with a big flat, umbrella head.  The roofer hammers with a 2 stroke rhyth...

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Backyard Project: 2 Different Roof Systems Serving 2 Different Purposes
He looks like a ghost buster but he is a roof layer - a torchon roofer.  Nortek Exteriors  is back to install the same sort of roof they put on the studio - a torchon roof. First, a layer of fireproof fibreglass felt is nailed in place.  For the next layer,...

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My New Reliable Velocity Iron
This is my old Reliable Velocity iron. It has been reliable but after 5 years I have worn it out. It is not worth repairing, the cost of which would include having to ship it both ways across the country. It is no longer made and has been replaced by an upd...

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Working With Itten's 7 Colour Contrasts
"Our sense organs can function only by means of comparisons. The eye accepts a line as long when a shorter line is presented for comparison. The same line is taken as short when the line compared with it is longer. Colour effects are similarly intensified o...

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Backyard Project: All in One - Deer Fence/Gate/Wall
Part of the deer fence is made from punched metal. The punched metal sheet and cedar boards make an 8-foot high wall from the house and across the east side of the propagation room. A railing has been installed on the wall. It holds a slider... suppor...

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VISDA Current Threads 2017 Exhibition in Ladysmith BC
The annual Vancouver Island Surface Design Association Currents Threads exhibition will open on April 15 and run until April 30, 2017. This year the group is returning to the Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery, Ladysmith.  All of the work will have been completed...

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New Work: 2 new works on the go
Every day I am in the studio I stitch into this work for an hour or so. After the tree added its wind drawing I am responding by marking the branchlets I see on the ground after the wind. I am also working on another for the Synesthesia series. This series ...
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