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New home
For all the latest reviews and news that I used to present here go to I have updates on my journey through Arno Schmidt's magnus opus "Bottom's Dream", reviews of recent translated releases and so much more.

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I'm moving house - Messenger's Booker moves to a new location
In the Southern Hemisphere it is springtime, and tradition
(or my wife) dictates that spring is a time to clean. I could come up with a
handful of corny quotes like “When you let go you create space for better
things in your life”, or “it is flooded water t...

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Reading seven books and not a single blog post
In recent weeks I’ve
been reading and since Women In Translation month I have read primarily English
language books. Four Jean Rhys novels, “Quartet”, “After Leaving Mr Mackenzie”,
“Voyage in the Dark” and “Good Morning, Midnight”, these with the full

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Say Bye To Reason and Hi To Everything - Various complied by Andrew Durbin
New York based
magazine and art book publisher Capricious was initially founded as a fine art
photography magazine in 2004 by Swedish photographer Sophie Mörner. Now renowned
for their feminist and queer art books, with titles like Girls Like Us and Randy ,...

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Minute-Operas - Frédéric Forte (Translated by Daniel Levin Becker, Ian Monk, Michelle Noteboom & Jean-Jacques Poucel)
First up from the American Literary Translators Association,
2016 National Translation Awards longlist for Poetry (geez that’s a mouthful),
is Minute-Operas b y Frédéric Forte (Translated
from the French by Daniel Levin Becker, Ian Monk, Michelle Noteboom &...

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American Literary Translators Association National Translation Awards 2016
In early August the American Literary Translators
Association (ALTA) announced the longlists for the 2016 National Translation
Awards in Poetry and Prose. Winning translators will receive a $2,500 cash
prize, with the winners being announced at the ALTA’s a...

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The Rest Is Silence - Carla Guelfenbein (translated by Katherine Silver)
Truth rises up from
the depths and alters the orderly surface of things. Last year I planned a full six week holiday/visit to Central
America, taking in places such as Mexico and Guatemala and once my work
situation changed and the bill came in, the passpor...

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Ten Women - Marcela Serrano (translated by Beth Fowler)
Throughout my literary journey, which has lasted publicly
for five years here on my blog, I have explored a number of literary styles.
And my journey for the last two months has been solely based on literature
originally published in Spanish and from Centra...

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Umami - Laia Jufresa (translated by Sophie Hughes)
Three in a row of Mexican women’s writing, with today’s
review being the recently released “Umami” by Laia Jufresa (some places have
this slated for release next month, however I purchased my copy a few months
ago and it has been with me since June!!) I cam...

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Natural Histories - Guadalupe Nettel (translated by J.T. Lichenstein)
I have been involved in Women In Translation Month since its
inception three years ago and each year I plan ahead my potential reading
titles for the month, this year electing to stay with the Spanish language
translations and primarily from Central or Sout...
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