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Joyce Vogt

Hey all. Meeting Saturday @10am to review managing projects in Open Project. Agenda is as follows:
15 min - Accessing the PM system
30 min - Overview of permissions
45 min - Managing and contributing to projects within the system
30 min - Q & A

If you don't currently have access to the system, please email me at with the following:
Contact info, project you are working on and need access to, your role in the project (admin or member).

I would like all access issues to be resolved before we arrive on Saturday. To support this, I will be at the Range at 930 to assist with last minute access issues/ troubleshooting. Thanks.

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Please take a few minutes to fill out the Interest Survey. Link below:

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Hey there Rangers! We made some changes to the Open Project system yesterday. Before noon, all users were set up as administrators. This changed. If you don't have access to a project that you need to see/ modify, you will need to talk with an administrator now. Administrators are Brett, Taliban John, Joyce, Ariel and Crystal.

All projects that are not "sensitive" in nature are labeled public now. Those projects that are "sensitive" should be assigned a Project Admin. That person, assuming you know who that is, can also add you as a member of the project.

Feel free to email Brett or myself if you are having any issues. My email is

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Revisiting an old blog post and it is still as relevant and important today as it was when I originally shared it.  Check it out!

Hi All.  I have a critical CORS project that I need assistance with this week.  I'm hoping I can find the right resource here to assist.  I am looking for someone to assist me with a node proxy on my web domain.  If you have this skill set and the time this week to dedicate, please reach out to me at Thanks!
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