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Are Your Action Alerts Not Getting the Response You'd Like? Join the Crowd
If your advocacy alerts aren’t generating as much action
as you would like, don’t worry. You’re not alone. According to M+R Benchmarks’
2015 report, non-profts see an average of only 29 actions from every 1,000
e-mails sent. This is down 18% from 2014. So, ...

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4 Pet Peeves All Congressional Staffers Share
At a recent Women in Government
Relations’ event, current and just-escaped Congressional staffers had a
very cathartic experience. They had the opportunity to share with us a few pet
peeves. The good news is that there’s nothing earth-shatteringly new here....

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Breaking Congressional Update: National Pickle Week
For those interested in what’s happening in Congress,
I thought you’d be interested in this statement from the Congressional Record
of April 1 st , 2015 regarding a very important national issue. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to inform the
members of this augus...

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Learn How to Effectively Train Your Advocates!
I’ve decided it’s time to share my Guru secrets with others
trying to spread the advocacy gospel, and I’m starting with a workshop on April
17 th titled How to Deliver an Effective Advocacy Training .
It’s designed for anyone responsible for training advoca...

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How to Connect with Federal Agencies
If you are for or against certain regulations within pieces
of legislation like The Affordable Care Act or the Food and Drug Act and want
to advocate on those issues, you may think that you should ask your Members of
Congress take steps to change the law. H...

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Is it White and Gold? Or Black and Blue?
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen
the great “is-the-dress-white-and-gold-or-blue-and-black” controversy. Let me
start by saying I have no definitive answer. I, like many of us here in
Washington, DC, am not a scientist. What I fin...

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Social Media: A Cautionary Tale
Raise your hand if you’ve ever posted something stupid
online. A joke. A picture. A Facebook status update or comment… Or have you
ever had anything you’ve posted be misinterpreted? My hand’s up, and I bet
yours is too -- as is the hand of every member of C...

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Congressional Offices DO Pay Attention to What You Post on Social Media!
In October 2014, the Congressional Management Foundation
(CMF) released some polling
information that provides shocking news about social media and its impact
on legislative offices. At least I thought it was shocking, but maybe that’s
because I’m old. For ...

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State of the Union 2015 and Why It's Important
Last night, President Obama delivered his second-to-last
State of the Union.  As you’re probably
aware, the president delivers an address to Congress at the beginning of each
new year detailing his perception of how life in America has been progressing
and ...

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Communicating with the Capitol: Be Grateful
We've all been in situations where we've worked really hard
on something and just want that hard work to be recognized, right?  I know that if I put a lot of time and effort
into a project or an idea and it goes entirely unnoticed, I’ll find myself question...
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