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Jonathan Smiley
Design lead at ZURB. I do things with pixels.
Design lead at ZURB. I do things with pixels.

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Observation about Google Glass: It's very hard for me to take a picture that's level, cause you can't really tell if the camera is level and apparently neither are my ears. Hmph.

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+Alina Senderzon and Arthur working on

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Really excited to announce that we just released Foundation, an easy to use, powerful, and flexible framework for building prototypes and production code on any kind of device. You can check it out at, or grab it straight from github at

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We just released a new tablet web app (check it out on your iPad) called Axe, which lets you give feedback on pages by scribbling out what you don't like, drawing on it, or adding text notes. It's pretty rad. Check it out:

I am really surprised that a wifi enabled power outlet doesn't exist. Found a couple concepts or prototypes, but really, they'd be incredibly useful and can't be that complicated.

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I saw the far southern end of the aurora once in Germany, just a red sky basically - nothing even remotely as awesome as this.
Emerald Sea
A stunning video of the Aurora Australis taken by the crew of Expedition 29 on the ISS on September 17, 2011 as they pass from south of Madagascar to just north of Australia over the Indian ocean. Hope you all enjoy the show, I think +Ron Garan would approve ;)

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So the rumor is the iOS app has hangouts now - am I completely incompetent or is that feature totally obfuscated?

Just now starting the trip back to ZURB after Breaking Dev conf in Nashville. Good conference, learned some interesting things. And 11 hours from now I'll be back in the office to use what I learned.

Okay that just made me tired.

On my way to Nashville - anyone else going to the Breaking Development conf?

Just finished jury duty, it was pretty heavy. Might break out the old blog later, we'll see. Was a very interesting process and I'm glad I did it, but it'll be nice to get to actually be at the office again.
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