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David Moore
Anglo-Irish photographer and writer at home in the high desert of New Mexico.
Anglo-Irish photographer and writer at home in the high desert of New Mexico.


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I don’t normally do engagement or wedding photography, but when my friends Johnny and Sarah asked me if I’d make an exception for them, I happily said yes.
A Rare Engagement Session
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The second part of my series about creating a series of short videos for the International Folk Art Market | Santa Fe.

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Stadsbiblioteket Stockholm

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Ah, like a cool breeze in the desert:
~A Moment Of Calm~
Derryclare Lough, County Galway

Took a spur of the moment trip up to Galway yesterday with the fam. Today before we went home I managed to convince them to take a trip up to this well known lake. As we got closer the weather got worse and worse, fortunately the rain eased a bit when I got there but the 12 Pins Mts behind were shrouded in mist. Not ideal conditions but I knew a nice long exposure shot would work well here and I'm quite pleased with the result, the long exposure calmed the water and made the island in the middle of the lake the focus point. 
Ya gotta know how best to use the conditions to your advantage is something I'm continually learning.

Enjoy and share!

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Interesting take on the move that PR firms are making into producing real valuable content, not just a release on the latest 'big win'.

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How you can produce quality compelling videos on a shoestring
My new blog post looks at a video storytelling series for the non-profit International Folk Art Market | Santa Fe. Tiny budget? Artists on four continents? No problem.

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Drawing with flowers
Really enjoying putting the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 through its paces. It's very impressive.

The whiskey sour I just made with Jameson's and agave nectar turned out to be surprisingly good. Then again, I've never had a whiskey sour before so I wouldn't really know. . . .

Today I got punched in the face by a mad man

And I feel great. A crazy man crashed his truck outside our office and then came at me and my wife when we innocently headed out to the street when we heard the crash.

He was shouting that we was going to kill us while we were backing up along the breezeway past our office, my wife and I with our palms raised in that classic 'calm down, everything's OK' gesture. Our dog - locked inside - was barking in a way she never had before. The man kept coming as I tried to keep in front of my wife, and then he took a swing at me.

He glancingly connected with the left side of my face, leaving a shallow cut on my chin but no other damage to speak of. Behind me, my wife ducked into one of the other offices and they quick-wittedly locked the door behind her before calling the cops. While the crazy man was bellowing at the door, I found myself running out into the parking lot and safety.

The man went back to his truck and got into it with other passers-by who put him to the ground until the police arrived. I gave a statement, still shaken but basically OK.

As the day went on and the adrenaline faded I felt both very tired and strangely happy.

It could have been a lot worse - he could have had a gun, or a wrench, or been a better aim or a bigger guy - but today, for me, nothing worse happened.

I had a brush with the random dangerous side of life that's always there, but that most of us aren't exposed to every day because of the things we build and do to shield us from it. And I'm all for that - on another occasion, I might not have been so lucky, and I'm not about to start pursuing extreme sports to repeat the risk.

Instead I came home to the same peaceful house I left this morning, and loved it and the people and pets in it so much more. My life feels suddenly incredibly privileged and full of potential. The 'scary' pitching I'm planning to do this week to local non-profits and foundations doesn't seem so terrifying when I've just had an angry unstable man come after me and hit me, and I've lived to tell the tale.

So hold your loved ones close, and don't worry about all the stuff that normally preoccupies you, because for almost all of you reading this, right now, things are fine.
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