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The Music Business Architect - Multimedia Story Teller with a Cartoon Mind.
The Music Business Architect - Multimedia Story Teller with a Cartoon Mind.

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The most beautiful full moon tonight. Perfectly complete for the first official day of summer!

follow your own thread to your spot. you're either chasing your star, or you're on the train, you can't be doing both. remember that.

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How can you double the amount of new fans you signup at your next show? Learn how the Perfect Fan Connection Technique and increase engagement with your fan base right from the jump.

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The Tipping Point of Self Perpetuating Music Business Momentum - A practical case study of Modern Music Career Development.
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Dear Google plus community,

Do you have any specific experiences, recommendations and thoughts on managed WP hosting?
I am a little overwhelmed about trying to choose a managed hosting company to move to... I'm coming from hostgator, and i honestly cannot complain about their service and support, a few technical errors and sometimes longer than usual wait times for phone support, but pretty good for shared reseller hosting.

But now i think i see the need that it's time for the next step up in terms of site speed and performance-as well as to find that next level of "proactive" support (alerting me to potential problems before they become real problems) and scalability for client sites as well as my own growing audience and website. 

I.E. Cloud based, scalable bandwith that automatically kicks in based on traffic and resource intensity...

The other thing is i don't really want to have to make another move. I want to find the right fit and then grow with them and know that this base infrastructure can serve the hell out of my clients needs and specific issues with customized thinking and flexible support at any scale.

I would also like to find a company with a good reseller package that makes it as easy as possible to manage client sites without sacrificing service or quality product.

As an Artist first, Entrepreneur second, in 10 years i've learned what and how to use a WHM, CPANEL, what SSL and DNS settings are, as well as why and how to use DKIM/SPF for email authentication. I've built a base for understanding the fundamentals of managing client site packages and feel confident in my ability to provide clients with those little pieces of advice and insight that add the extra touch from someone who cares about them and their individual situation.

Now here is where i step into deep water that goes over my technical head.
I am a content creator by nature, (and trade as well) i'm very practical in the aquired knowledge and experience i've gained over the years but i will seek the best advice and insight from those of you who understand the technical wizardry and have tried multiple managed wordpress hosting solutions...

I just setup with WP-Engine but i was told several of my plugins like supercash, yarpp, and wp-optimize db plugins are disallowed...

I'm already not convinced that managed hosting will do anything more for me besides some page load time increases and so i'm not sure that wp-engine has proven it's value enough to start telling me i cannot use certain plugins that have been working fine for me for years.

I have been hearing good things about several hosting companies and i'll narrow it down to the main two i'm hearing about and interested in. Siteground - which seems to be solid and offer a good knoweldgebase of wordpress tutorials... 
and Liquidweb storm on demand which seems to be on the cutting edge in terms of infrastructure and thus performance, but i worry that they are too big to pay attention to all the annoyingly detailed requests and specific creature comforts of me and my tribe of artists that don't like to mess around.

Which (or any other real recommendation you'd like to toss into the mix-that you've used and aren't the CEO of etc.) of these would you recommend for what i'm looking for?

What further, if any benefits do you think managed hosting can provide that we've not yet mentioned here?

Thanks team.
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Basic, quick and practical guide to setting up a blog platform as a content creator, if you don't already have one.
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