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DeskProto CAM software: 3D CNC machining for non-machinists.
DeskProto CAM software: 3D CNC machining for non-machinists.


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This summer we will offer a nice discount on all DeskProto licenses: a bargain offer to celebrate a double jubilee. Company Delft Spline Systems celebrates its 33th birthday, and the program DeskProto is 22 years old.
More information in the Newsletter email that will be sent today. Including a few images made in days long gone :-)

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This year in my summer holiday I made a trip to the island of La Palma (one of the Canary Islands). With long walks through the very different landscapes and micro-climates that this small island offers. The nature is absolutely gorgeous: the island fully deserves its nickname 'La Bonita' (the beautiful).

In the afterglow of this trip I have machined a relief model of La Palma, on which I can now exactly point out our walking tracks :-). With DeskProto this was an easy task. I used a free STL download from Thingiverse (if you cannot find one for your area check ).

Information on the model:
The wood is White Limba
Scale 1 : 250.000 (for X and Y: 190 x 120 mm), relief height + 50% (15 mm).
Roughing: Ballnose cutter D 3 mm, five layers of 3 mm depth each, machining time 1 h 41 min
Finishing: Ballnose cutter D 1 mm, stepover (path distance) 0.11 mm, machining time 2 h 58 min
Text: Ballnose cutter D 1 mm, depth 0.3 mm, machining time 1 min.

Give it a try and create a relief model as custom souvenir of your own vacation !
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The DeskProto website address has been changed: from http to https, in which the S means Secure. We are very happy with this change, as it confirms that DeskProto versions can be safely downloaded. When you visit the DeskProto website you will now see a padlock icon in the address line, which confirms that it is safe :-)

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Good news: we have been able to fix the Win10 update bug (see yesterday's post). A new DeskProto build (revision 6699) has been released, now available for download.
Running the Updater Setup is sufficient to fix this bug, as only the file DeskProto.exe needs to be replaced. That means that your driver files and Preferences will not be affected.

Find the download link on

Happy to have this fix, as the Win10 update kept returning after un-installing, and as un-installing the update left some vulnerabilities in Windows open.

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The Windows 10 updates again cause trouble for DeskProto:
after installing the "2017-05 Cumulative Update for Windows 10" DeskProto no longer starts. No error message is given: nothing happens. We do not yet know what causes this problem, of course we will let you know when we have a fix.

The positive news is that after uninstalling this update DeskProto works again.
Uninstall instructions:
- Settings (the cogwheel icon that becomes visible after clicking the Windows logo in the left bottom corner of the screen)
- Update & security (you may have to scroll down to see it)
- Windows Update
- Update history
- Uninstall updates
- Doubleclick the update in the list to be uninstalled.

You need to uninstall either
KB4016871 (for Win10 V 1703), KB4019472 (for Win10 V 1607), or KB4019473 (for Win10 V 1511).
Uninstalling this update takes a lot of time (just as installing it did).
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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This week we have machined some great lithophanes, for a lesson on bitmap machining in the new Tutorial book for DeskProto V7 (not yet ready, and no release date planned). This lithophane of a twin brother and sister is a great example.

The relief looks very strange: deep canyons (grooves) at the left, which become white stripes in the two pullovers, and high mountains in the faces for the dark eyes and for the dark areas in the mouth. Hard to believe that the lithophane really is the same sheet of plastic as shown, now illuminated from behind.

It is a sheet of 3mm thick Corian, machined with a tapered ballnose cutter (0.5 mm tip radius, model TEB15-020 by, at a precision of 10 toolpaths per mm. The original image is a stock photo, source / Gertjan Hooijer. DeskProto makes it easy to do this with any photo you like.
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Nice new website address: since last week the DeskProto website can also be found via
Which is of course a nice address for a CAM program :-)

We wish you all a very happy Christmas !

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Create a unique Christmas gift using DeskProto.

Lithophanes are reliefs that show an image when illuminated from behind. Using DeskProto it is very easy to create such lithophane on your CNC milling machine. You can use any photo, so you can create a really unique product.

An idea for a personalized gift is this lamp-shade with one or more portraits. The DeskProto website already features an instruction video to create such lamp-shade using a rotary axis. Today’s new idea is that this can also be done using a plain 3-axis milling machine. This image shows a lamp-shade featuring seven portraits of one complete family.

More information about this project on This page includes the lithophane tutorial videos.

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The latest Newsletter email (sent last night) of course opens with the new bugfix build. In addition it mentions that we are working on DeskProto V7, and shows some interesting user projects.

When you no longer receive Newsletter emails: earlier this year we had to start a new mailing list, adding email addresses only after a request followed by a confirmation email. When downloading a trial version you can ask to be added to this Newsletter mailing list, by simply clicking a checkbox.

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This error message would pop up when starting DeskProto after a major update of Windows 10 (Win10 performs these updates automatically). Today we have released a bugfix build that solves this problem.

The licensing software in DeskProto for many years has used the Windows ProductID to identify the PC. Unfortunately Windows 10 changes this ID after each major update, resulting in this "Corrupt-error" for DeskProto. The new build instead uses the ID of your PC's CPU, which fixes the problem. You can find a list of all improvements in this build on

You can install the bugfix by running the Trial version setup (which will recognize your license). For this bugfix running the Updater is insufficient.
If needed first backup any cutter/machine/postprocessor files (drivers) that you have changed, see the FAQ issue on this subject:
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