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Marni LaFleur
Marni LaFleur, doctor of lemurology. Ish.
Marni LaFleur, doctor of lemurology. Ish.

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Response to "Opinions, evidence, and anti-research agendas", by Amanda Dettmer
Welcome to the resurrection of BLOG LaFleur! This special post is in response to a blog entry published
on September 2, 2016 by the website Speaking of Research . The post was authored
by Dr. Amanda Dettmer and entitled “ Opinions, evidence, and anti-resear...

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Lemur birth control, nesting boxes, and more rescues
Hi everyone! I've now been back in Madagascar for a little over a week. I've spent most of that laying around sweating (jet-lagg, HEAT, fever, chest cold, diarrhea (like you wanted to know, right?)), but did also manage to get some work done...  Here we are...

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2014 from my phone
Ah, good 'ole Blog LaFleur. Haven't see you in a while. I've been busy, and unmotivated, and now come to think of it, kinda depressed. 2014 was tough- general malaise, energy-less continent hopping, losing my dear sweet Kitty. But, there were good times too...

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For kitty?

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Bed time for cave lemurs
Ring-tailed rock climbers.  One of the groups of ring-tailed lemurs that I study at Tsimanampetsotsa National Park, Madagascar, sleeps in a series of small caves. Although the group returns to the very same caves every day, the whole ordeal takes a lot of p...

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Check out LJ. He's pretty great. Or at least he used to be.
One of the joys of studying the same wild animals repeatedly is that you get to know individuals and can follow their life events. "LJ" is one of my favorite ring-tailed lemurs from Tsimanampetsotsa and he has undergone some dramatic changes over the last f...

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Meet Munchkin. Behold the Munchkin wave.
Ring-tailed lemurs use behavioral mechanisms to regulate their body temperatures. When its really hot in the afternoon, they hang out in the shade, hug onto cool rocks, and sometimes lick their hands. When its cold at night they huddle together in balls, an...

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Madagascar = 0, Marni = 1.
Madagascar barely tried to kill me. Like almost not at all.
And really, I have nothing but good things to report. Imagine that. Two minor
but notable incidences include my 1) nearly getting gored by a herd of rogue
forest zebu (we, the zebu and I, had a mis...

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Reniala lemur rescue center
I've just gotten back from the Reniala lemur rescue center, the first and only rescue center for ring-tailed lemurs in Madagascar, and am so happy to report that they (the forest association, and NGO staff and volunteers) are doing an amazing job caring for...

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Skip a latte, save a lemur!
You guys are great. In the last five days I've collected nearly $1500 (for the Reniala lemur center and to pay the school fees of some deserving kids, as requested) and more veterinary supplies than I can feasibly transport. But, the lemurs need more. And h...
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