Scott Berkun writes about the end of Google Labs, and notes the existence of two levels of Vice Presidents within the company: Vice Presidents, and Senior Vice Presidents:

"When a company has two levels of VPs ... you know the days of free willing autonomy and entrepreneurial inspiration have faded. I remember the day at Microsoft when I learned there were over 100 VPs in the company – My mind was blown – I realized all at once how it was no longer the company that hired me. It had more than tripled in size, and quadrupled in bureaucracy. David, as much as Microsoft was ever a David (see OS/2) , had now become a Goliath."

He goes on to write about how the employees of the old Google might not fit well at the new Google.

This is an old story, of course -- it happens in almost every successful company that grows large. There are powerful forces that drive the development of bureaucracy, not the least of which is the need to manage, organize and shape the workforce as it grows and changes.

But the connection I immediately made is to the pseudonym issue here on G+. I've been wondering how on earth Google could make a mistake like this -- maybe the answer is that it's new Google's mistake.
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