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I like you films It's very good and amazing but I think you very
selfish. You can help people but you
destroy phone. a lot people
dreams for iPhone 5,6 and you in
in each episode destroy phone iphone is very
expensive . You can buy clothes and medicine the poor families . You think about it :)

Dear +TechRax : I am very fascinated at your YouTube videos about how you destroy technology in various way, but I was wondering if you could sell me a good phone at a cheap price because my mom is disabled and jobless and I would greatly appreciate this kindness because I often times feel left out of society 
Techrax you should do the iPhone 7,6 vs Samsung Galaxy l 6,7 and see what happens when you boole coolade and see which phone survived more
I love it when you poured the molten gold over the iPhone I thought that was pretty cool I would love to see you pour molten silver over a iPhone I would also like to see you use thermite on the iPhone as well 
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