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Apple, Microsoft charge $100 for every program, you write! Their new "business model"?

Install of software is "Appstore/Windows Store" only, 'sideloading' not allowed. But not only for mobiles, tablet, that also applies for "Windows 8/10 Touch applications". Only older binaries can be still installed from CD, USB, internet. Bypassing cryptographically signed binary install or modifying iOS or Windows - you directly go to jail: #DMCA act.

For installing your company's or your private programs on your owned Apple or MS hardware, there is no other way, than to go over Appstore or Windows Store.

#Microsoft and #Apple don't get tired to post everywhere (see thousands of astroturfers here in G+), that it's free, but, in fact, they charge you $100 minimum for that "digital signature", for a "developer license".

So, in fact, you don't "own" your paid hardware any longer. You will be charged for installing even free software in general. So real operating costs of these phones are much higher than assumed by normal customer.

Finally, Linux (as well as UBUNTU Linux or Google Android) does not provide such cryptographic methods and Linux distributors won't charge you for anything. You're free to install whatever. Sources included!

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Don't use Apple, Windows anyway.
I feel blackmailed by these companies.
Will start developing for Linux only.
I don't care, Apple / Microsoft problem.
Did not know about that!
Don't use Apple, Windows anyway.
I feel blackmailed by these companies.
Will start developing for Linux only.
I don't care, Apple / Microsoft problem.

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+Márk Sági-Kazár​ no more hostapd
How to start Access Point mode Wi-Fi Hotspot in Ubuntu?

Now with this new method, it's very easy to create AP mode Hotspots in Ubuntu 14.04LTS. No more messing with hostapd, dnsmasq/isc-dhcp-server, ip forwarding and ip masquerading! Covers different methods separately for Ubuntu 14.04LTS "Trusty Tahr" and Ubuntu 12.04LTS "Precise Pangolin". Check out this link -

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Here is our Hermes Android IRC app promo video.
The app will be officially released with a live Hangouts and IRC party today at 6 PM UTC:

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szerintem szórakoztató az ürge :D

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Tényleg szükségünk van erre? Szerintem ez túl veszélyes.
Do we really need this? I think it's too dangerous.
Our writer Frank Swain once tried to shove a microchip under his skin. He profiles the people who have managed it...with a wave of their hand, they can do everything from open locked doors to start a motorbike.

If you could, would you join them?

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Szép munka... Gonosz, de szép...
Hi all,
We found an Android trojan in the boot partition of an infected Android device. Since the boot partition will be loaded as a read-only RAM disk during Android's running, all existing antivirus solutions can't effectively clean it.
The trojan will drop malicious APK to system directory, connect to C&C servers, download and install other adwares, fetch and execute other commands.
We classify this trojan as bootkit and named "Oldboot". This is the first Android bootkit in the wild as best we know. By our statistics, there’re more than 500,000 Android devices infected by this bootkit in China in last six months.
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