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Hello, I have a problem... Please help me. I´m using a hosting web parallels plesk panel 10.4 and I install wordpress, but I have a problem when I like to up a .zip archive because request to 5.3 php version and my web hosting don´t give me other version more high that 5.2.17. How can i get a solution? Please
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You will need to refer your question to your hosting provider. If it is a shared environment they will need to add the additional PHP versions. I also make note that you appear to be running WordPress on a Windows server. My suggestion is to change to a linux based host running latest Plesk 12.5. Plesk 10.4 was End of Life as of May 2015 Alternatively you can buy a VPS and your own Plesk License Key which allows you to add and remove any applications, frameworks etc from your server when you want.
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