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Nerd • Jerk • Photographer @ • Engineer @
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Just hat my first post on about the current state in software development in terms of Ruby and the "getting things done" thinking by programmers.

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Warum #RotationCuraion nur ein Hype ist, habe ich mal aufgeschrieben: #rocur  

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Meine Daten gehören meine Daten? Was sind meine Daten? Ein paar Anregungen zu dem Thema

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Ich bin enttäuscht von dem was +Markus Beckedahl bei +netzpolitik, +Sascha Pallenberg bei, +***** und andere zum Them Drosselung bei der Telekom berichten. Es hat nichts mit Journalismus oder ähnlichem zu tun. Es ist einfach nur bäh:

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Ich habe mal etwas zur Elektromobilität geschrieben.

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I just published some of the photos from the Winter Wonderland Tour organized by +Martin Bailey, which was great fun.

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einfach nur genial eingefangen

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Es una fotográfica fantástico. Pero la Torre Eiffel en la noche es necesito un permiso de distribución. 

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Fun fact: ich habe den Grenzübergang zwischen den Niederlanden und Frankreich überquert und ich habe in den Niederlanden schon in Dollar bezahlt, weil sie nichts anderes genommen haben. 

So I'm originally from The Netherlands, and my native tongue is in fact dutch - and yet most people would know the place as Holland - confusing right? right!

Turns out the historic reasons for this situation and the current shape of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is more confusing then even I was aware off! 

Apparently there's 3 cities that are dutch but not part of a country, 3 countries that are part of the kingdom, but not really the netherlands since they use a different currency but collectively they are part of the European union, even though they're in the Caribbean, and .. well the situation is a bit complex as I mentioned before. 

The movie is super entertaining, and while it might leave you more confused (it did me!), does shed some light on some of the confusions around the country that I am originally from.

Thanks +Sharon Strandskov for sharing this movie!

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Who wants to join. I will be there. 
We've just had a cancellation for Tour #2 of my Snow Monkeys & Hokkaido Tour, from Feb 18 to Mar 1, 2013. We're joined by +David duChemin for this tour, and are going to have a blast! Take a look and reserve your spot if you'd like to join us.
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