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Unexpected For Sure
I have been going out checking the large bodies of water looking for ducks that I need to close out my year. After today I need Red-breasted Merganser, Red-throated Loon, Surf Scoter, and Canvasback. I have been searching relentlessly since you last seen a ...

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I don't even know where to begin. Yesterday was just so awesome with the Wheatear and I was never expecting the next day to add another crazy bird! Nick Paulson called me early this morning and stated that he had a storm-petrel in Sterling. As birders, you ...

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Oh my!
I had a few minutes today to try and snag an American Pipit today. I am so glad that I went to Wachusett Reservoir. Sad news....didn't get a Pipit but instead found a Northern Wheatear. Even more exciting was the fact that I was able to get so many people o...

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Sparrow 2fer
I'll start off my saying I finally got a Lincoln's Sparrow. The best looks I've ever had at one. I got a text from Tim Spahr that he had found a Clay-colored Sparrow in Westborough WMA. This was a county bird for me. Took about 30 min but the bird finally a...

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3 Bird Search....
I got up early today in search of 3 birds. Philadelphia Vireo, Lincoln's Sparrow, and Connecticut Warbler. I have LISP and CONW on my year but no pictures. I came across a flock of Vireos. 2 Red-eyed, 3 Warbling, and a Philadelphia. It was nice to get it ou...

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A couple days ago Nick Paulson found a couple DICKs at Heirloom Harvest CSA in Westborough. I went after striking out on a Yellow-breasted Chat and I then struck out on a Dickcissel. Today I was determined to try again and Nick joined me. We headed out to t...

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And another one....
Tonight I wanted to again check the Worcester cemeteries for night herons. I also knew that Common Nighthawks are starting to come through and that was also a good location that I have had them in the past. No BCNH tonight but did have 2 CONI's fly over Owe...

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It had been slow times recently for birding in the county. Tim Spahr texted me the other day and had my nemesis bird at Westboro WMA, an Olive-sided Flycatcher. and like the 10 plus times I have tried for one it disappeared. He also had Black-crowned Night ...

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Cooper's Hawk
Today I went to Milford to find Marsh Wrens. Nick had 2 there the other day and I failed to find any the other day at Bolton Flats. I've really sucked at marsh birds this year. Looking like 2 years in a row that I am going to miss Marsh Wren. I finally did ...

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Ring-necked Pheasant
this is a bird I figured I would have already but apparently the stars didn't align. My mother in Charlton had a female pheasant in their yard a month or so ago. At the time I couldn't make it over to photograph. Yesterday however I found her when I was dri...
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