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Oh damn!! That's it. Game up. I'll never be in it now. :(

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Well if he doesn't show up, I can take the part... #dream40

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There’s a lot of talk of dreams right now… I’m starting to think dreams may be where fairies like +₪₪₪₪ Oberon ₪₪₪₪  and +Titania  take control of humanity! 

#dream40   #dreams   #fairies  

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He was failed to notice she's a boy!

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Unrequited love is vastly overrated. Why abstain when one can gorge? #dream40  

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This lion is a cub. And a tame one at that. #dream40  

"I came in search of Beauty
And what do I find?
Bottom and Co.
Hamming it up
And people wonder why The Working Man does not go to the theatre
#dream40  "

She came to me one spring, this girl they call Hermia. Came to see what the fuss was all about, to mock and defy. Made some pretence about wanting shoes for an event but we both knew she was lying. We circled each other like predators, waiting to see who would break. It was fun. She told me later that I was the first but this too was a lie. It takes time to become that articulate. And look at her now, face down in the slop of life. I have to say I like it. When the pretty girl gets her comeuppance. Gives her grit. For though we pretend to be elegant, the thing we all crave is the dirt. #dream40  

I remember this girl they call Hermia. Small and fast, like an insect. Skirt tight, like the thorax of an ant. A beauty, they say, but I prefer ugly, as it cheapens the lust. Still, she did look good if you like that sort of thing, a challenging brat with her nose stuck in the air and head turned to one side, like she was dancing a tango, or avoiding a smell. #dream40  

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To me, marriage is choosing one meal for the rest of your life. No matter how sweet the lobster, there’ll come a time when you crave meat or peach. We are omnivores, genetically programmed to gorge on a diverse range of foods. And so it is with lust. That is the way nature made us. The Others know that so live their lives without constraint. I am but them made flesh. #dream40  
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