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Robert Simmons

Is there a way to see upcoming events? It's very possible that I'm blind. But I can't, for example, see what the upcoming lecture for May will be on the site nor here. Or is it a case of "not figured out yet"? (Which is totally fine! Just want to make sure I'm not missing the obvious)

We're looking to add a new team member here at Medalogix! We're a startup delivering predictive analysis in the medical industry, with an emphasis in Home Health, but also looking to expand into other medical areas. We're located on Music Row in downtown Nashville, but a high percentage of remote work is fine! We usually like to have face time once a week, and the rest of the time take advantage of online collaboration tools (a lot of Google Hangout).

The ideal new teammate would be well-versed in Agile principles, have a strong understanding and experience with SOLID principles, and enjoy TDD. We expect teammates to be highly responsible, passionate about what they do, and to love working in a team environment. We don't expect anyone to know everything, so the ability to learn and be flexible is probably the most important thing.

Our main development language is C#, but as with most shops, there's a lot of languages and tools we use throughout the day. We also currently utilize a lot of SSIS and SSAS. Projects that will be started very soon (as in, a few weeks, if not sooner) will include Windows services, RavenDB, and (another) ASP.NET MVC website.

We're a tiny development team right now (two developers), but we're practicing Agile (more specifically, Scrum). We're big on automation for deployments, utilizing TeamCity to do continuous integration at the lower environments, with push-button releases for the higher environments (from things less commonly automated such as SQL Server changes and SSIS projects to the standard things such as websites). We work with the latest tools as we need them (Powershell v3, VS2012, SQL Server 2012, etc).

If you think you might be a good fit for us, we'd love to hear from you! Please send me an email at, with a resume or linked-in profile, along with an introduction of yourself and why you think you'd be a good fit. Thanks!

Robert Simmons
Director of Software Development (hah! Startups always have fun titles)
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