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Does anyone know what happens to custom G+ URLs when you migrate your G+ account? Specifically, from an account attached to gmail to one that is on a custom Google Apps domain.

Personally, I would like the custom URL to then point to the migrated-to account.
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+Michael Bernstein The custom URL will be transferred from the source account to the destination account.
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Michael Bernstein

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Via +Michael Pedersen . Definitely a good idea, although still vulnerable to voter registration shenanigans and the disenfranchising tricks that currently happen on election day.
Salon Magazine has featured my proposal for a unique and potentially effective way for individual voters - one at a time - to rebel effectively against the political crime called gerrymandering.  It requires no changes in law, no court decisions or ballot initiatives.  We could all start this rebellion tomorrow, without any cooperation from a corrupt political caste. It would benefit BOTH Democrats and Republics as well as third parties.  Above all, it would reduce the radicalization of American politics that is tearing the country apart.

The proposal is simple, effective... but it might call for many of you out there holding your nose for five minutes. A small sacrifice to save the republic.

Have a look... and spread the word.
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Michael Bernstein

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BUG: Government occasionally shuts down

Found this gem of a bug report this morning:

I noticed a bug over the past week or so and it seems reproducible:

1. Go to U.S. Government.
2. U.S. Government is shut down.

Expected results: Government should be working.

I'm unable to debug or propose a fix since there's not an open, transparent stack trace. Conflicting error messages are being thrown as well.

Hope you can resolve this soon. It would seem that the U.S. Government would value 100% uptime in order to be a reliable and trustworthy source for the rest of the world.

Thanks! Love this project and would like to continue using it.

The comments on the bug are awesome.
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I needed this laugh - thanks!
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Lost #DrWho episodes found, and now lost species... I see the hand of #DrZeus in recent news...

UPDATE: A few folks asked me (offline) what the 'Dr. Zeus' reference was, so here is a link:
Woah... Gardening, from a 2000 year old seed of  an extinct tree!! 

#gardening   #history   #botany   #awesomeness  
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Adric M
my grandfather grew a plot of corn froma teeny cob found in a clay pot at a dig site he was working.   they grew well, but the ears were teeny even fully grown the ears would fit in the palm of a hand. seeds went to the unm seed/botany  department. 
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Michael Bernstein

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A retrospective on #nymwars, Google as the Identity Network, and the NSA

The #nymwars  in the light of  #NSA  history and news, including a summary for those who weren't on the front lines -- and reflections on Google's +Jared Cohen's announcement of their new circumvention network this week.

Yes, I used to work at Tor, but I got involved in Tor because I was involved in civil liberties and free speech -- and anti-surveillance -- for decades before.  

If you count having resented being included under Hoover's ridiculous surveillance of civil rights activists as a kid?  Half a century... that's a long interest in civil liberties.

Public interest internet?  Only a little over half that.

Do you trust Google to roll out a proxy network for oppressed countries after the #nymwars ?   Not their motivations, mind you, but their ability to protect the user RTFM education, public interest, privacy, and security of the people who might trust them?

Do you know how many people don't understand that their gmail isn't encrypted?  That it's encrypted in transit but it's in clear text on Google's network? (  Compare that to the kind of "arms race" Google would have to engage to keep users' trust and safety, considering assumptions of their compromises with China, US and other governments in countries where they operate.

Google, I do not get it...  Honeypot anyone?  How not, whether you want it or not?

#uProxy   #callmecassandra  
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Michael Bernstein

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Moving Sale Today Only

Hi folks, +Roxanne Bernstein and I are getting rid of a whole bunch of stuff!:

8am until 1pm, so make us an offer if you like something.

804 Horseshoe trail SE, ABQ, NM 87123 1-505-206-187 -  Grey house, with purple trim and Fairies on the front of the house, park in driveway or in front of house and come to the front door.

This is in Four Hills Mobile Home Park, due to rules I am unable to have signs or have sale outside.

All items are from a non-smoking home, no pets.

White shabby Chic Vanity and seat $150.00 firm (selling for a friend)
rolling tool box , craft boxes, misc. small tools (drill bits, screw drivers)
2 two drawer file cabinets with hanging folders $10.00 (good condition)
Vanity and Chair $150.00
Logitech 5.1 surround sound for computer or TV, good condition, 6 speakers $25.00
Bread maker $10.00
Iron and Ironing board $10.00
Table Lamps
gift wrapping supplies
Christmas gift wrap supplies
Halloween Decorating supplies
Assorted Crystal trays, glasses, dishes, wine glasses
Decor, mirrors, pictures, misc.
Books, CD's, games, new unused squirtguns
Misc. Kitchen items that I am unable to move

25 Clear 4x9in celophane bags
31 peach organza bags 7x5in
9 small decorated bags
4 gift boxes
1 Birthday decorating kit (banner, balloons, 12ft banner, 9 serpentine rolls, large foil sign, confetti $7.99 new unopened)
11 rolls of ribbon, 9 are industrial size.
28 assorted cards
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Best of luck with your move. Are you leaving ABQ?
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Okay. Oversimplification then. I think the devil is in the details. The original post painted the situation such that it contained only one villain. I think a closer examination identifies multiple villains with multiple motivations.
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The biggest mistake I made in running my first real business was focusing on conserving money I raised, and spending it only on the essential stuff I needed in order to keep the company afloat. It took me exactly the allotted amount of time to run out of that money. Instead, I should have focused on spending the money I had on stuff that generated additional value for the business.

That's why I'm tired of this "non-essential" argument floating around where people are wondering why government has so many "non-essential" employees. Listen -- there's a difference, in management, between "essential" and "adding value." Chances are, if you've worked at any large enterprise, you've been in a non-essential role, meaning: the business can survive without you. But that doesn't mean that you don't add value to the business, or generate a return on investment for that business. It just means that the business won't die if you don't work for it.

As a shareholder of the United States, I don't want a government of the essential. If the framers had intended a government of the essential, we'd still be fighting wars with muskets, and wouldn't have the Internet.

I want a government focused on generating as much value for my tax payment as possible. And yes, sometimes government does a very bad job at determining what's adding value (and where the line is between what value it should be adding and what value the private sector should be adding), and what's not. But that's where our priorities ought to be: not what's essential, but what's adding value.
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Guys, I'm not being a troll here, seriously. There are two separate things under discussion. Whether we want a government of the essential today (1), and whether the founders had that in mind (2). The former is a matter of opinion, and the latter is a matter of interpretation. My original comment was to the latter.

+Clay Johnson In Article I, Section 8, the constitution says "The Congress shall have the Power ... To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries;" —I take this to mean things like copyright and patent protection.

+Jason Scheirer Again, I'm not trying to argue whether a so-called "government of the essential" is good or bad. Our modern, global society is significantly more complex than the one the founders dealt with. It's a undeniable fact by any metric that our current government is significantly more complex than it was in the 18th century.

It's fine to argue modern politics, but that wasn't my goal. What I was hoping to clarify was the intent of the founders. Were it not for that one sentence ("If the framers had intended a government of the essential..."), I'd have made no comment on this thread at all.
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Michael Bernstein

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Looking for a new job

Do you know of folks who are hiring Python web app developers? Please let me know or share this post with them!

P.S. I have design skills too, so a position that combined development and design would be extra cool.
Python Web App Developer

I am looking for a new full time position. I have a background in Zope, Plone, Google App Engine, Pyramid, and other Python frameworks including Django, and have broad experience with a variety of tools and platforms.

Some stuff that makes me unique:
 * I designed the PyCon logo
 * I co-authored the Zope Bible
 * I served three years in the IDF
 * I recently ran a successful crowdfunding campaign

I am open to relocation for the right offer.
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+Chris Lasher , definitely point them my way. This post is fine, but if you contact me by email I'll provide a resume.

I am willing to relocate (relocation assistance would be welcome), I prefer to work more or less during regular business hours where ever I am living, though I can be flexible. 
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