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Caroline Farrow
Disobedience is man's original virtue.
Disobedience is man's original virtue.


Hey sorry to bother you, but the dark sky map isn't showing up in the latest iOS version. It will show where on the Bortle scale the point is but the actual overlay isn't.

I just updated the iOS version and everything seems okay except the moon and the sun no longer show up on streetview. They used to jump around a lot but now they are gone altogether.

I just downloaded the new iOS version and the calendar seems to be fixed but I still can't get the markers to work and I can't see how to upload the marker files.

Hi is there anywhere to download the different city markers? Thanks! Also is there a beta version for iOS yet?

Quote of the week: "That's not snow, that's Voldemort" :D thanks +Jennifer Engelbrecht !

Opps! I changed some photo albums to public and it put them all in my stream sorry about that!

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