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Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind. - Einstein.  What he should have said.. was : "Science without spirituality is lame. Spirituality without science is blind."

Without movement there is no life. I am grateful for this, and my strawberries.

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Also, my reality currently.

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grins Life as I know it.

Soon I feel that the choice will be made for me. Flip flops or Combat Boots.  Who can tell, maybe I end up with both. :D 

The worst part about confronting yourself about the value of the one thing you value the most in the world, is finding out that you were right; and then losing it.  So if anyone ever asks me, what I love, I can tell you honestly, that I've lost it, and if anyone wants to know what it's like, I can tell you that the lesson was the most painful and beautiful lesson I've learned.  I can honestly say that I'll never be the same.  That I'll never love the same, and that there will always be a part of me that cannot forgive himself. I can also say, that in place of who I used to be, something better has blossomed.  It's evolution. The death of something weaker to be replaced by something stronger. Something a little less fearful. Something a little more aggressive.  Something a little more honest. Maybe even replaced by someone that can listen a little closer.   

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