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In words of Sebastian König: Help the Blender Foundation to write movie history!
In 40 days the Blender Foundation needs to raise 500000 Euros to fund a true open, free and independent feature film. The film, the assets, and everything will belong to you, the community, entirely. No one can take it from you, and no one can take Blender from you, like Autodesk did with Softimage. 
Every donation and every cloud subscription brings us closer to the goal of an entire open feature film and a truly open and collaborative movie pipeline! #gooseberry

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By now the problems of the centralized web are clear -- it has handed us all over for mass surveillance, censorship, corporate piracy, and unappealable thuggery exploiting copyright enforcement mechanisms. It's a huge concern when even grassroots activists engaged in dangerous protests and populist revolt are using the most vulnerable centralized services to organize -- the same ones that invite repressive governments to effortlessly monitor and target them and their entire exposed networks. And today, news reports indicate that in the UK, YouTube is starting to censor "whole swathes" of material that isn't even illegal just on the government's nod. So now  is the time to support the people working on real solutions to take back the net, people who are making communication tools that are actually MORE powerful, MORE usable, AND more free. It's the middle of the night and I am working on MediaGoblin. I hope that you will check it out, and lend any help you can. Please consider investing in the crucial work of building a global media sharing system that is both decentralized AND social. It's the hottest thing in federation since email, and we need all of its allies to get behind it, so that MediaGoblin can get behind us.  This great post from lead developer Chris Webber has more. 
I wrote a personal blogpost on the MediaGoblin campaign, and why I think it matters:

There's a bit of stuff in there that I was worried "maybe it's a bit too blunt/correct", and of course, me posting here just proves my point on certain ironies ;)

  "To put it another way: when even the most prominent internet activist campaigns are using Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to complain about the centralization effects those very services help to perpetuate, it shows you how much we need ways to communicate that aren't part of the problem. And that's exactly what we're working on with MediaGoblin."

We were also covered in Linux Pro Magazine:

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Pitivi is smart architecture to really launch the power of free software filmmaking! And check out the video we made :)
Wonderful to see the PiTiVi team running their fund-raiser - - they have big ambitions, but they are a great team, so go and support them! #pitivi  

Fateh Slavitskaya commented on a post on Blogger.
Thanks for posting about this -- one of the most important Free Software projects around! But, you don't link to the campaign!

The MediaGoblin video is CC licensed, and easy to embed. It really helps to explain federation and not just decentralization as its key feature. You can use it and help them spread the word :)

News from Tube Open Movie/Wires for Empathy up today at

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Texas Senator Wendy Davis in heroic, articulate, moving filibuster to block Republican assault on reproductive freedom and basic healthcare. 

It's a riveting and appalling, sometimes funny livestream.
This is a lady to watch out for.

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+Syria Deeply  is a cool new platform for grounded analysis and CC-licensed coverage of a region in growing crisis, now raising development funds. Its interesting mission and business model are better articulated in this article: (And lo, the music offered in the campaign is by Bassam's cousin! Small world.)

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"Life is cheap in the Orient" -- Rhetoric of war in the social media age

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The growing Petraeus V. FBI story is not about sex but power. Greenwald nails it here, and don't miss the exceptional CNN performance of war journo Michael Hastings at bottom!
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