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John Remmers
Retired math & compsci prof|ragtime piano player|Grex founder|
Retired math & compsci prof|ragtime piano player|Grex founder|

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I shall begin this Sunday on a sombre note. From Jack London's 1906 poem "The Way of War", a synopsis of warfare from the beginnings of mankind into the future. Follow the link for the full text.

Future man - ah! who can say? -
May blow to smithereens our earth;
In the course of warrior play
Fling death across the heavens' girth.

Future man may hurl the stars,
Leash the comets, o'er-ride space,
Sear the universe with scars,
In the fight 'twixt race and race.

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On Thanksgiving Day, 2016, I sat down at my keyboard and played five classic rags: Weeping Willow (Scott Joplin, 1903), Palm Leaf Rag (Scott Joplin, 1903), Old Crow Rag (George Botsford, 1910), Crimson Ramblers (Joseph Lamb, 1920?), and Scott Joplin's New Rag (Scott Joplin, 1912).

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Worried about being replaced by a robot? Well, it might actually be liberating.

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It's kind of like herding cats.

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Hey, you can go to my website and admire my poetry at

Or, alternatively, you can take the following attitude. Your choice.

It was so personalized tonight, and so apt to be comical, like wallpaper and banking wrapped together and posted. It would take a team to strip and brush the postcard! And then there would have to be an inquiry, an inspection at the gallery. It reminds me of those Algerian yahoos, and of course we have the mailmen to thank, delivering all that free advertising. Thankfully it’s funded, and modified as needed, with a splashy reference. Periodic damage is inevitable I suppose, so says a message at the library, where I have to pour on the engineering just to enter my password. Of course, the customers must be located and matched up. We must rely on the webmaster for that just as we’d rely on Dad to keep things on topic. If we must, we’ll give Chad the thread in church and dispatch the result to the nearest destination. A puzzling fabric that, altered on Saturday. Do you have your ticket to view and dine with the hungry developer? You must be in an alert phase and contact the weekend seller before faxing to Honolulu. Ah, the power of numbers, as regards tax in the marketplace. Oh, and be sure to play chess before closing the sale. Please confirm and discuss this update to the foundation by the sender. And next we will gear up to read a page in the catalog, dear.

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It's May 17. In honor of John William "Blind" Boone's 152nd birthday, here is his "Camp Meeting Number 1."

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It is not for this that I do this. It is for that.

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